November 14, 2011

Run around

Yesterday we took the morning slow and then ended up running a little late for church. Then I noticed that our neighbor's fence was about to blow down from the strong winds and they weren't home, so I tried to fix it as best I could with plastic party flags, of all things, tying the boards to the main stake. I got back in the car and my hair was everywhere.

I drove right past the church entrance, I don't know where I thought I was going, to be honest, I just kept on driving. So I found a spot to turn around

and we finally pulled in. Love was just getting into her van to leave after the 1st service and I waved hi. Turns out she didn't have her keys. So we let the kids run loose on the lawn. Wet knees and windy hair, already late for church,

but the timing was perfect.


  1. Wet knees and windy hair make for the best of times, especially with good friends.

  2. I love impromptu get-togethers with friends. :)

  3. Beautiful photos! :-D

  4. Church is so much more than just the formal service. Right on time for it, indeed.


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