November 16, 2011

Ivy got a hair cut

hair cut

Oh, this girl. I love her so much!

As her hair "grows in" (it's so babyfine!) we keep getting it cut so it has a style and I love it short, but really am cutting it so that she can grow it long-er eventually. I also wonder what color it will end up? It really hasn't darkened as much as I thought it would, and it's so cool with her blue eyes and DARK eyelashes. They are like mascara, but with these light highlights at the roots. Of her eyelashes! I've studied every one of them.

She just got home from being at Grandma's all day. Our reunion in the afternoon is always the best.

Anyway, there's some things I've written...

So, have you heard of all the cool Google secret searches called "Easter eggs?" You MUST check these out. So fun and cool. Feel free to share, like, pass that one on. :)

Also, Monday I woke up to find out that I now write for Disney. I am still not really sure what I honestly feel about this, especially since I had no warning. You can read the news here

Did you see the really neat giveaway I have going on for my friend's beautiful shop here? Worth a look-see.

And at 4 Kids or More I'm writing the same old story: So many children, so little time... but it's my life and I write it out. It's what I do.

Oh, and I got to talk with Jewel (the singer!) on the phone the other day. We talked about motherhood, babywearing, and holidays. It was really neat. Also she retweeted me twice on Twitter. Is that super dorky for me to say? Oh well, I don't care.

That's about it. I'm having a really good day, and it involved taking Gray to the dentist. Let me just say huge prayers are being answered and it feels really good being on this side of it all. THANKFUL!

I hope to finish up some legwarmers I'm knitting for Ivy for Small Style tomorrow. I don't have a clue what I'm doing, but am wishing for the best! Such is life, such is life!


  1. She's totally adorable! Never knew about the cutting the hair thingy. Good thing I don't have girls. I'd be clueless.


  2. She's adorable!!
    And I'm so jealous you got to talk to Jewel! Love her!
    And I'm totally googling those easter eggs!

  3. I am so in love with Ivy's new 'do!!!!! She's amazing, like her mama :)

  4. Ivy knows how to work the cuteness into every shot! I totally need to cut Azi's hair soon again too... (she's not a big fan of that process). Eager to see those leg warmers! xo
    Mel :o)

  5. She is so sweet. What a happy girl. I can't wait to see what my little girl's hair will turn out like either!

  6. Ivy's haircut is absolutely precious. I can't bring myself to cut K's except for her bangs, not yet anyway.
    Oh and my husband said "NO WAY!" ha!

  7. cute cut! Sounds like you had an awesome day :)

  8. Love the new hair!
    That is hands-down my favorite cut on a little girl. Too sweet.

  9. Her sweet face is centered just under toddler Ivy on your header. Wow. They grow so fast. Adorable upon adorable.

    P.S. Teyla has super-long hair. Fast growing hair is like a genetic talent in our family. But it's also CURLY and always tangled. We spend at least 10 minutes each night fighting with it. So I'm ready today to cut off as much as necessary to end the nightly fight.

  10. She is adorable and how am I just visiting you for the first time. In love with your blog!

  11. Love her hair! I just showed G and said, "Do you remember the little roly poly baby?" He was all, "That's Ivy? But she looks like a little person now!" Oh boy...I think he's going to have even more trouble with our own!

    And I think the hair cut frames her eyes beautifully.


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