November 3, 2011

In the newspaper today...

On the front page of today's Your Family section of the Times newspaper is an article I wrote about my Poppal, Family Memories: A veteran is honored through generations. 

It was actually sparked from a letter Carter wrote at school. So, he took today's paper in his backpack today to show everyone. He was so proud. 

In the article, I mention to "please note that fourth-graders aren't usually big on fact checking, so some of the information isn't accurate, but I didn't have the heart to correct the elaborations in Carter's story." 

Of course Poppal did not serve in World War 2, but in his letter, Carter was recalling a conversation when he asked him all about the Army and all sorts of different wars and just got it a little mixed up. 

This piece was so hard for me to write -- I was actually taken aback at how difficult it was. I miss him and even dreamed about him last night. He gave me the biggest hug. I really felt like I was with him.

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