November 1, 2011

happy happy joy joy

happy cousins

Two weeks.

That's how long Ivy's egg-carton-squirrel art project from library class sat on the counter before I threw it away.

OK just try to tell me that photo up there did not make you smile.We spent the weekend with Jeff's sister Lisa and family in Michigan and it was so fabulous. We each have four kids all the same ages (we took turns starting in 2000 until 2008, in case you're wondering.)

Tomorrow there will be a photo shoot at my house (complete with makeup & hair stylist!) for an exciting new project I'll be working on. I need to clear away the Halloween candy wrappers and wash some laundry. Oh, and color my hair.

Dude. Did you hear about the pregnant mom that got arrested after forgetting to pay for sandwiches at Safeway?

Tonight we went out to dinner with all the kids. And I love it. You should have seen us all weekend going out with EIGHT kids. It was (and they were) awesome.


  1. Aw, I love a big pile of happy cousins. Tell me, how do you get them all to laugh at the same time? Funny faces? Funny noises? Funny joke?

  2. Ha- I think I just told them to act like they just heard the funniest joke EVER and that's what they did!! LOL


  3. Adorable picture! And four girls and four boys, what are the odds of that? Hair stylist and make up artist, fantastic. I predict tomorrow will be another happy-joy day.

  4. Great picture! How could you not smile looking at all those cute laughing, happy faces?!

    Arresting those parents and sending their children into state custody is just insane! Kind of seems to me that if they paid for their groceries, they had every intention on paying for their sandwiches...unreal!

  5. You see!!! you see!!! Eight kids is brilliant!!! Hope your shoot is fab fun!!! I am sure it will be!!!

  6. I love this photo so much.

    Also, yay! Hair and makeup! Can't wait to hear what you're up to. xoxo

  7. Cousins are the best! And happy cousins? Even better than the best.

    Have fun with the photo shoot!

  8. The happiness of that photo is infectious!

  9. Oh, the infectious happy. I love it. I love it a LOT. Kids are so amazing aren't they??

  10. I adore that photo. It's perfect. :) This reminds me of ours and my brother's family. Our kids are also close in age and they have 2 girls and a boy. I love it.

  11. Thanks so much for coming up to see us! I love that our kids are so close, as cousins and friends, that they have already made so many great childhood memories together...This pic says it all! Life is good. : )

  12. Cousin love rocks.

    PS. You got me; I smiled :)


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