November 15, 2011

The Grateful Heart


So thankful for my partnership with Hallmark this year, an unexpected perk came when I got to have a one-on-one chat with Jewel the other morning. She will be featured in a new campaign with Hallmark for the holidays - be on the lookout for that to launch soon.

It was delightful to talk with her, and I am amazed at the incredible insight she already has about motherhood even though her son Kase is only like 5 months old.

When I asked her if - as a writer - she had a muse and if that changed when she became a mother, she explained that she usually writes "what's in front of me" and how that "continues to change course. Having a kid is a beautiful adjustment and for each mom will be a personal journey; choosing what kind of mom you want to be, and writing helps keep track of that process so that you're not losing yourself." (I think that was where I said please hold while I write all of this down because YES.)

And when asked about the imperfect moments of motherhood she admitted that many moms including friends of hers seem to have an expectation of what it should be like, and we really shouldn't set ourselves up for disappointment. "Don't expect yourself to be perfect. Just get in there and see what it looks like." Don't go by just what you think it's going to look like.

She suggests we embrace those life-y moments and "reevaluate, reorganize yourself - motherhood is a metamorphosis. Trust your instincts, accept the fact that it's going to be uncomfortable and exciting."

See what I mean?

Of course I asked her if she ever wears Kase in a carrier. She said they have a K'tan and a sling when they go on walks, and they really enjoy strolling around. And as you can imagine they don't leave the house all that much right now.

I've been thinking about our conversation ever since, and it really stuck to my heart ribs. As laid back as I already am, I have my hang ups. And it seems they've been hanging me up more than normal. I'm thankful for Thanksgiving next week. It's kind of the carrot on a stick for me right now, as I know it's a day of family and taking a break, and unplugging, and slowing down. I'll read the sale ads, but I won't be venturing out to any stores that weekend. I'll probably be snuggling in with the kids and leftovers, and bringing out the Christmas decorations.

Lately I've been surrounded by a lot of hurt and sickness among family and friends and of course that draws us in to appreciate what we do have, and to be thankful for every breath. Inside and out. I love when my kids are thankful for even the silly things, and for the little bits that get center stage in their prayers and give me the church giggles because it all counts. And is the makings of a grateful heart.

(P.S. while I was typing this Ivy wrapped her arm around mine and whispered, "Mama I love my family." I couldn't let that go un-noted.)

I also asked Jewel about the upcoming holiday campaign with Hallmark and the traditions she'll be embracing with her new little family. She said it's good to "embrace your own, and she's noticed that what you take for granted can be the best tradition." Like the foods you know that will always be there, or things you always do just because that's how it's always been but you might not have cherished it before. You really notice that as you grow up. She likes to save certain recipes to be only cooked for that holiday so that "when you taste it, you know the holiday has arrived."

Oh man how I wish I'd thought of those words myself.

What does the holiday taste like for you? Is there something you're especially grateful for (big or small) this Thanksgiving?

Hallmark is compensating me for participating in the Life Is A Special Occasion campaign. Have you seen the adorable Interactive Storybooks & Story Buddies? We happen to be huge fans (they did not ask me to say that!) and you get my stamp of approval. PERFECT Christmas gift. Trust me.

Sign up for their promotional emails (you might even see me in there!) by following this link, if that's your fancy. I am partnering with Hallmark to spotlight how Life Is A Special Occasion  for the rest of this year. As always, all content, memories, and opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. Oh how awesome! Fabulous interview. Love you, love Jewel!


  2. It's kind of funny, but I am once again grateful for socks. :) How awesome that you got to speak to Jewel. This job deserves some perks!

  3. How cool you got to talk to Jewel. She seems like an awesome person. Okay, so I have to know. How is Kase pronounced? Is it like "case" or "Kasey"?

  4. If I heard correctly, Kase is pronounced like "case" but I'll definitely let you know it I find out differently!


  5. And I am thankful for *you*, my friend. So grateful to have you in my life.

  6. Your writing will be your legacy for your family when they are older, when they become parents. jen

  7. Too cool that u got to interview her and that she uses the k'tan. She has good taste on both as i like both! LOL

  8. That's so awesome that you got to interview her! She seems like such a grounded person. I picked up her Lullaby CD at Target and it is fantastic. For a while, Nicholas was only napping in the car so I would play it then, and it is so relaxing and beautiful.

    Also, I love the picture of Ivy with her sweet little dimpled hands folded in prayer.

  9. As always, I love your writing. This quote, "She likes to save certain recipes to be only cooked for that holiday so that "when you taste it, you know the holiday has arrived."---well, wow, that is awesome! I want to do that, but I am not sure I do. Are my kids still young enough? Maybe I could start now? They are 7, 4, and 2.

  10. I am so glad I am getting to read this now. Ivy is such a beauty inside and out.

    Love how Jewel is already embracing motherhood. I absolutely love her idea about the recipes exclusive to holidays. Jewel is a true gem ;)


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