November 25, 2011

The Day After

This moment, this morning, might be one of my favorite parts about the Thanksgiving holiday. I just made myself an iced chai. The kids are either still sleeping or playing quietly (of course just as I type that I hear a loud yelp from upstairs but it stopped so I won't get up off this couch to investigate) and laundry hums in the washer. One of those rare times when you can go anywhere but you choose to have no where to be.

Thanksgiving with Mommal

I realize as we grow up that I'm chasing my childhood, sometimes forcing traditions just so I can feel like I used to feel, even if it's just a whiff. Even if it's a half-a-second of recognition. Realizing that our lives are not like one big flat puzzle but rather layers and layers of puzzles, and that piece yesterday when I wanted to spend the morning at Mommal's having breakfast and cooking all my side dishes in her kitchen. Making it bustle, filling her house with people like it used to be. That was for somewhere deep down, near my heart.

Watching the Macy's parade

And we watched the Macy's parade, and then headed to my Mom & Dad's. We ate so much food, and it was so good. After lunch Ivy and my niece Abby floated down the stairs in beautiful dresses. Twirling and tea partying. They pretty much refused to take them off until it was time to go.


My children find what will mean most to them about our family get togethers and I have to remember that these are their memories in the making now. Mine will just have to slip in and fill the cracks where there's room. Somehow it all makes perfect sense.

Abigail & Ivy


  1. So lovely. Sometimes my boys refuse to take their party dresses off all day, too.

  2. Yes. I love everything about how you worded this. I wonder what my boys will take away from holiday get togethers. Hopefully it's all of the good. ;)

  3. I think it's the simple things that you don't even MEAN to be traditions that make the most memories.

    I was just sitting with my mom and sister last night, talking about nothing in particular. And that's what was the most fun about my day :)

  4. Beautiful post.

    Reminds me of my favorite new-to-me quote from Virginia Woolf:

    "Arrange whatever pieces come your way"

  5. Great post! It makes me think of the large dinners we use to have at my Grandma house as a child.

  6. Children love to hear stories about your childhood. You heard some of our stories at the reunion. I can remember Terry listening to stories told by my mother about when she was little and when I was little. That way you can relive some of the holidays that you loved and your kids can connect with you as a little girl or when Nathan was your "little" little brother.

  7. Buce post Stephanie!
    Love the images!

  8. Just so beautiful. You have an uncanny knack for writing in a way that makes everyone relate to you. It's so very comforting. Thank you.

  9. absolutely! I think that all the time. It's not MY childhood anymore. I get to make adult memories, but the magical childhood memories are passed (for me). I get to watch my children's magical memories happen!
    I love the girl's dresses. They are BEAUTIFUL! I wouldn't have wanted to take them off myself either!

  10. My kids love Thanksgiving too. My "baby" age six, was up and dressed in her outfit for the day complete with tights and shoes (but no shower yet) at 7am. I love making traditions with them that they'll remember forever! Jen

  11. Little girls and dresses... the perfect pair :). Hope to have a baby girl one day.

  12. those girls are just getting SO gorgeous!

  13. I know this feeling. So well. You write my heart so often.


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