October 3, 2011


Sometimes my costume was store bought and sometimes homemade. Occasionally long-thought out and often at the very last minute.

Growing up, autumn was my January, when the going got good. When life- just as it was about to change and pass away- really began. When the heart began to feel again.

My mom would decorate our house with pumpkin ceramics, crackled glass eyes and teeth glowing out the big picture window.

We'd have a Halloween party at school, wear our costumes and do a parade through classrooms, later we'd trick or treat down the street with a pillowcase, at Mommal & Poppal's house, (and when I was older) in the rich neighborhoods.

Wooded walks and bonfires, jeans with dresses and hooded sweatshirts, thrift store sweaters. Black cherry candles and a lead role in the fall play senior year.

There was- and is- always color and crunch and warm sun and cool air. Clouds like mountain ranges, or ocean tides. Last night we had the heat on, then flip flops to walk on the beach this morning. Sweaters on top, toes in the water. Heart in my eyes. And eyes in my heart. Fondness.

butterfly beach
the sun bright, my jeans too long, and I don't mind

Fall is what makes it home, the time that convinces me I am artist, writer, lover- it's what drives me through all the other seasons and the only thing on my mind is when I'll arrive here again.

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  1. beautiful as always Steph! I love Fall and have to get used to a kind of Fall I've never known before. One where when it cools off, it is in the 90's!
    I hope that eventually my heart will remember that is fall also, and I can have that renewal I have always loved at this time of year.

  2. I like fall, Texas-style. ;) Kim would disagree I think. I'm not a cold weather person, so our mild weather is perfect for me. I think we all had that bowl haircut in our past! And I was Strawberry Shortcake one time too!

  3. Spring usually beats out Fall for me but as I'm getting older I think Fall might be taking over. ;) So nice to know that cooler weather is on the way...

    I love these old photos. They take me back to my own childhood. Thanks for that, my friend. xo

  4. Fall is my favorite time of year, too.

    I think we live(d) parallel lives.

  5. These pictures bring back such great memories. I enjoyed putting together the costumes and decorating. I looked forward to setting out the jack-o-lanterns and watching the excitement in yours and your brothers faces. Being a room mom was also a highlight for me. Those were great times.


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