October 25, 2011

We wore suede boots to the beach.

suede boots at the beach

She jangled the quarters in the passenger door handle. It could be our last

sunny day and I rescued her from the recliner and walls. We drove to the riverwalk and she stayed in the car. My girl and I, drew in by the waves - harnessed and pulled we ran - and we cuffed our jeans and slipped off our boots in the sand to feel October's drink on our skin.

Pick a shell for her and she picked two, and a smooth stone for his grave. We drove there next and she placed it down on his ledge. It smelled like beach and strawberries she said when she cupped it to her lips. His favorite place, came to him. And we drove past the 'stones and it could always be our last

beach walk
drive here
time together.

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  1. precious.
    not precious-aaawwww, but precious-oof.
    it takes my breath away.

  2. Your writing just takes my breath away. That is all, just thought you should know.

  3. it could always be our last, couldn't it? love this.
    and those boots are h-o-t.

  4. Gorgeous. This time together is so priceless. Soak it up. xo

  5. BEAUTIFUL AND SO TOUCHING! You grip the heart strings with your writing.

  6. Whoa. Gut punch. In a good way.

  7. I love your writing...ok im crying now!

  8. I know why you wrote this one...and I am in tears too. We are holding our girl close tonight as I'm sure you are as well...

  9. Oh, it's lovely!!! And thank you for inspiring me...I'm "just writing" now, too :)

  10. Sad and melancholy and moving. This is what I was talking about yesterday re: your writing. THANK YOU!

  11. I'm so in love with your words, Steph.

  12. Amazing.
    And I'm longing for the beach. Something about a visit always puts things in perspective.

  13. What a wonderful connection to the beach. Someday when I'm long gone, I think people will say the same about me, her favorite place.

  14. i love it! beautifully written steph!


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