October 2, 2011

Touching The Glass

touching the glass

At the art museum I look over and Gray is in a stranger's arms. She was lifting him up because he really wanted to see!

And I laughed, and said thank you and was so glad he is that-kid, for far too many reasons to write out here.

The GRAM (Grand Rapids Art Museum) is free during Artprize, btw. If you can get there (or any art place near you with your kids), do it.


  1. I love this little story. All of us with a bunch of kids need at least one kid like that. :)

  2. I have yet to get in the GRAM, going to try again this week. Its been so busy! Did you enjoy Art Prize?

  3. I love this, and especially that there was someone who 'gets it' to pick him up.

  4. aww, so sweet. sweet Gray being that kid who can be picked up and sweet lady for seeing that he should be picked up. love!

  5. I have one of those kids too. It's fun and scary lol


  6. beautiful photo! Sounds like you had a fun weekend.

  7. It's so great when strangers don't think it's weird and are helpful! And it's so great when strangers don't judge you a bad parent when you are unable to be everything for your child! That's awesome! Go GRAY!

  8. And...you are in GR again and I missed you:( Hope you all LOVED art prize!


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