October 11, 2011

Thank you, babywearing.

babywearing on the merry go round

When I became pregnant with my third, I joked that I would have to “wear this baby” – because where in the world was I going to put him in our small house and how else would I keep him safe from the hands of his two older brothers?
Soon I’d stumble upon a La Leche League meeting full of moms carrying their babies in beautiful fabric and, pretty much, I’d never look back. In honor of International Babywearing Week, I wanted to take a look down my babywearing memory lane, I'm sharing the rest of the story at 4 Kids or More today.

[comments closed] please feel free to comment with your best babywearing memories and favorite carriers at 4 Kids or More (no matter how many kids you have) !

related: enter to win an Onya Baby carrier + there's still time to send me your babywearing photos.
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