October 27, 2011

Sunday through Thursday

Beverly Shores

Sunday morning I pulled the covers high and took my time getting out of bed. Jeff and Noah went on a secret drive to Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, where they bought a whole dozen donuts! (I usually only buy one per person) and iced lattes.

We ate Boston cremes and watched videos online at the table. And we were even way early for church.

I made BLTs for lunch and took the kids to the beach while Jeff watched the Bears. We gathered rocks in jars and hiked up the dunes. Later we baked pizza for dinner and I met my mom at the movies to see Footloose.

Barnes & Noble diva

Monday was storytime at Barnes & Noble. We decided to surprise Mommal with magazines- the latest People and Large Print Reader's Digest. She was sleeping when we got there, but we woke her up and took her to the lake.

Lake Michigan
If you squint, you can see Chicago right there in the center of the horizon.

On the way home Ivy insisted on stopping by the farm at the orchard and it was just the most beautiful day, I couldn't say no. She sat on the tractors or raked hay the entire time. That evening I wrote here and here, then went to bed and it stormed and stormed.


Tuesday shared a lovely morning. When we weren't chasing bubbles or sprawled out in the backyard grass, I cleaned out the garage for winter and now I can actually park in there! Ivy played with her ponies on the driveway. We took a nap in my bed and whispered precious things I never wanted to forget but now I can't remember them.

blowing bubbles

I woke to a phone call, about my dear life-long friend Tammy and her sweet four-year-old daughter Phoenix. In an absolutely stunning turn of events, she is very sick with leukemia type A.L.L. pre B in critical condition right now. Like, within hours, they had no idea anything was wrong. My heart is still shaking. I -- and her entire family, army of friends -- appreciate your prayers, positive thoughts, and beliefs for her in this scary time. We're hoping to set up a way to help their family financially and I'll be sure to share when I have more details.

To say I've had a hard time thinking about anything else is an understatement. Heavy heart this evening.

Butterfly & skeletal photo bomb

Wednesday came to be, and it was library time with a Halloween parade. Ivy went as the green monster again. We got home and even though I had plenty of writing to do, we had no wifi. So instead we were able to meet beautiful friends Melissa and Hyacynth for lunch as they passed by on a road trip. It was good, and when we got home, the Internet was back up! So I wrote, and then got the kids ready for Halloween Night at school. This time Ivy made a few costume changes until she finally decided to be a flower child. Cool. Bedtime, Gray coughed and I heard croup. So we steamed in the bath before deep-breathing cold air. Then I put him to bed and wrote some more but didn't finish. Tended to my darling Gray and then checked on him all night long.


Thursday is nothing like we planned, but that's okay. We are missing a playdate with friends and breathing in the cold air. I've been putting off going to the store all week so now we scrounge through the cupboards to make things we find like Jiffy corn muffin mix and eat oatmeal for snack and later I might make hot pretzels.

 rock friend

Maybe we'll finally paint our beach rock families. Meet Noah (above.) I also predict a big fat nap in a few hours.

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  1. I am just so sorry about your friends daughter. I'm going to search for your email address but if you don't have an email from me please send me one. I want to talk to you about something to see if I can help.

  2. Praying for them. Please keep us updated.

  3. I took the kids to Navy Pier a few weekends ago for the Halloween festivities. We drove around for an hour, couldn't find a place to park and left! I'm so sorry to hear about Phoenix! Praying for her!

  4. Oh. A leukemia diagnosis is so terrifying and begins a long and wearying battle for them... I will pray for your friend's family daily. May God be with them on the journey back to health for their sweet baby girl. Just ... gosh. (I mean, I know that sounds negative, but having been there, I mean it to be empathetic along with realistic. There is so much hope! So much! Their need for the prayers of everyone around them will be very real and very urgent. It is just a very long and difficult process, is all. She will need a great friend like you in her corner for sure.)

  5. You have such beautiful weeks. I want to come and play. I will have your friend's daughter in my heart and in my thoughts.

  6. praying for phoenix. i love that that's her name...beauty from ashes. i pray that He does that on this earth.

    so sorry Gray is sick. =(

  7. oh, phoenix. thank you for sharing. prayers right now. and for dear gray.

    love all the ivy pictures.

  8. those precious things that we never want to forget and then can't remember... I have a whole stack of those :)

    So sorry to hear about Phoenix.

  9. I am glad you said something on your blog about Phoenix. I have no doubt the prayer warriors who read your blog will rise to the occasion and pray for our dear friend's child to get well. I also love the financial aid idea. Please keep me posted on that. You never cease to amaze me. xo

  10. Sending good thoughts to your friend's daughter with the stong, beautiful name.

  11. great clothes throughout. sorry to hear about your friend's daughter. good thoughts.

  12. Oh my heart. So sorry to hear about this. Love the post for everything else. Prayers for Phoenix and her whole circle of love. <3

  13. Oh my gosh, donuts sound SO good. That's like the best food ever.

    I'm so sorry about your friend's daughter. So, sorry... prayers for her and all those who love her.

  14. I love her dress. Your week is lovely even with the croup and the sad news from your friend, sending good thoughts your way :) xoxo

  15. Oh, I am so sad about your friend and her daughter. Praying for them!

    I love seeing little glimpses or your life- what precious moments! They seem even more precious during times of grief.

  16. This sounds like the absolutely best week with the exception of your dear friend's difficult and sad news.
    I can't imagine - I will keep her sweet girl in my prayers and wait for news on how we might help.

  17. I love her boots so much! I need to check out the Tea Collection! They have some really cute stuff!

  18. I am so sorry for your friend's news. Lots of healing prayers her way.

    Besides that devastating bit, what a lovely week and a lovely girl! I did my very first small style post this week and it was fun. You may have gotten me hooked. ;)

  19. You have a beautiful blog! The story about your friends daughter is heartbreaking. Hope everything turns out for the better!

  20. My thoughts will be with your friend and her family. Keep us updated if you can and let us know how she's doing. x

  21. I don't know why but the majority of this post filled me with peace. A calm that my anxiety ridden self hadn't felt for a while.


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