October 8, 2011


A little preview of something B I G and exciting that we get to be a part of tomorrow...


also, a few posts I've penned this past week:

Artist Patrick Stull and his amazing pregnancy photography
Mom invites us all to watch her homebirth online (she's due any day now- will you watch?)
Keeping track of the milestones and photos (and needs) of many kids! 
Win $50 to spend at Zulily (ends Sunday night)
Catch up on our latest family getaway to Grand Rapids for Artprize
And I took a pregnancy test the other day...


  1. i hope this means that love & the boys are coming home!! my goodness, we serve a precious god.

  2. oh! oh! please throw some extra hugs and kisses for me. I am so tempted to load my family in the car to be part of the excitement.

  3. It's a sign to welcome home Love and the boys!

  4. awww! i LOVE it. so precious to have you all there!!


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