October 5, 2011

New clothes.

beach run

I glanced at Carter getting dressed, his shirt totally a fat guy in a little coat situation of epic proportions (regarding sleeve and shirt length, not his weight of course) and by goodness my heart lurched- I had to get that kid some new clothes like my life depended on it.

fall beach

He is completely content with hand-me-downs as he's used to but wow did it feel good to surprise him with a bag full of new shirts just for him. He tried on every single one before bed and gleefully balled them up in one big pile into his middle dresser drawer.

tic tac toe in the sand

Love him.


  1. I love how kids don't even notice stuff like that (or most kids, most of the time). A nice reminder that things are not so important as we think. And all the better when you do surprise them with unexpected clothes of their very own. So sweet.

  2. Breathtaking pictures! I love the one with Jerry running behind the kids. What a Great Sunday we all had...enjoying life, in spite of the sand and wetness. And I am so proud for Carter and his new duds.

  3. AJ is so delighted with clothes of any kind that she LOVES hand-me-downs from sister. I know these days won't last, and so I try to honor her delight by buying some new things for her every now and again, too.

    Carter looks quite sharp in his new threads!

    (PS - we utilize "fat guy in a little coat" in all kinds of situations. I can't wear blazers - like, at all - but every now and again I'll try one on and I can't help but to hum fat guy in a little coattttt ...")

  4. What a little love. As the 4th of 5 sisters, I was used to and content with hand-me-downs, but you are so right that the occasional and surprise new item *just for me* was always a big deal.

    You are such a sweet mama and your love for your kiddos comes out so strongly.

  5. p.s. with the title of the post, I was sort of hoping for some shots of you in your new jeans and your fancy dress. :) Next time??

  6. I love that. My middle son is the same way. Always welcoming the hand me downs from his older brother. That's so sweet that he tried everything on before bed.

  7. I'm so jealous that you gave the water so close!

    I can imagine how happy he was to have clothes of his very own. You go Momma!! :)

  8. We must teach our children to be practical...and its not just about practicality here,its also about modesty.


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