October 26, 2011

Far Out! A Halloween Photo Contest


I'm excited that I get to partner with GoGo squeeZ again, this time to let you know about the fab Trick or SqueeZ Halloween Photo Contest going on at the GoGo squeeZ blog in collaboration with Savvy Auntie.

Simply share a link to a photo of your child, niece, or nephew in their favorite Halloween costume. Winners will be awarded with awesome GoGo squeeZ gear, coupons, and applesauce!

Butterfly & skeletal photo bomb
Ivy's first costume change: "I'm going to be a butterfly!"

Savvy Auntie will choose a winner in each of the following categories: best pair/group/bunch, silliest/funniest, cutest critter, most imaginative, most likely to make brother/sister cry, best overall. 

You have plenty of time to share a link - it's Halloween anyway, so why not! Enter by 12pm (EST) November 2.

happy monster
"...or maybe the happy green monster again?" 

In the end Ivy chose to go as the flower child (in an outfit I found at the thrift store this summer!) to the Halloween party at school tonight. Noah & Carter dressed in the same 'stumes as last week, and Gray opted to wear regular clothes with eye black like a football player. Oh, he carried a football, too. And everyone was happy. Groovy, man.

Let me know if you enter! What do your kids love to pretend to be when they dress up?

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GoGo squeeZ is compensating me for this post -- I'm thankful for the opportunity! -- and I was happy to share more photos of Ivy and her many costume changes... 


  1. Ivy is adorable in the Peace outfit. How erie is that skeleton at the door...ewwwhh

  2. Eek! I didn't see the skeleton at first!!!
    It will be fun to enter the kids in that contest - thanks for the heads up! LOVE LOVE the new costume choice!!

    as far as dress up goes...we have lots of Star Wars characters going on at our house.

  3. I entered it. Piper's costume is crazy goth and my other 2 are just really cute. Like your Ivy. I could eat her up! Here was the blog post about Halloween from yesterday.

  4. That monster costume is killing me, it's so adorable!

    I love that she chose the costume from the thrift store, my favorite costumes from my childhood were the ones we put together on our own.

  5. I looooove Ivy's peace sign! And, Noah is just hilarious!

  6. Last year, I hot-glued three bags of dog jerky treats onto a dress so my daughter could be Lady Gaga in her meat outfit! (I entered her pic in the contest -- thanks for the heads up!)


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