October 15, 2011


Halloween costumes 2011
A sneak peek at the kids' Halloween costumes this year.

So, I wanted to finish International Babywearing Week with something big and grand with the fabulous photos that have been sent in (and I did get a slideshow up here: Breathtaking Babywearing Photos in Celebration of International Babywearing Week), but with computer woes and to be honest, physical exhaustion, I just didn't get to feature them all.

I thought that maybe I could just incorporate the photos into my on-going I love the way you wear your baby posts. That way everyone can still see them all, in due time... (and I hope you'll keep emailing them in!)

We went to a Halloween party tonight and stayed really late, and the kids had the best time, and my hair smells like bonfire. I love October.


  1. That's the one eye monster that my little dude wants as well but I am hoping it will go on sale even more. But it's truly fitting for him with his one eye. I wish it will go on sale more and that it will still have his size.

  2. Can't wait to see the kids all dressed up!

  3. Oh how I love October, too.

    Thank you so much for having me on your blog roll!! This is very exciting for me.


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