October 20, 2011


small style weather

Ohmygosh it's cold here and so windy. Coats are out and hoods are up and my eyelids droop from crummy sleep last night. Our house almost blew away, I'm sure of it.

Ivy is off to Grandma's, my home is empty. I kissed her goodbye and let her go... as they pulled away I closed the door and regret set in. I should have watched and waved from the window but then they were gone, and it was raining. So I closed the door.

coat pockets

Last night I watched her fall down the last four steps, neck forward and I was too far behind to stop it. I don't know how (well yes I know How) but she just has a little rugburn on her sweet skin and wouldn't sit still for me to properly hold her and let my heart find its beat. She had to go chase her brothers and finish whatever it was that she was racing down the stairs for in the first place.

animated gif how to

What am I doing? Please someone tell me that this -- when you are in between young and old and you have the meat of life on your plate -- say I'll get to pause and savor. That I won't always be so far behind to stop in time. They grow and it just goes faster.

HALLOWEEN close up

I've recently updated all our favorite links for As seen on Ivy

coat- noppies via zulily
dress- misha lulu
leggings- target
socks- target
boots- target

furry monster costume- sent to us by Pottery Barn Kids
top- target
leggings- missoni for target
boots- target

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  1. You ARE savoring. These words, pictures are how you savor. I love the memories you are making.

  2. love this post, and our life is so blurry right now!

  3. I agree, you are savoring. We all try and it seems no matter how hard we try, we all have regrets about what we missed and wish we would have savored more. But let's look at the bright side. At least we are thinking these things while our kids are still young and not when they are already grown and this part of our lives is gone. :)

  4. When they fall like that it seems to happen in slow motion but we still aren't fast enough to stop it. How does that work?

    Time just has a way of getting away from us as well get older... Thanks for the reminder to pause and savor as we can.

  5. I can so relate to this post ~ trying so hard to enjoy every moment this time 'round.
    She's adorable. The costume is TOO MUCH.
    Congrats on your babble nomination! Well deserved.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I supervised lunch in my daughter's 1st grade class today and of course, she cried when I left. I felt terrible for not turning around to make sure she was okay - I know she was, but I feel bad for not taking the time to double check. I'm sure it will be fine in the end and she will be a happy camper when the bus pulls in, but still....

  7. I love how those pictures were stacked (or whatever the term is) of her costume.

    Random off topic - do you watch Parenthood? Check out Tuesday's episode - Christina is making my back hurt just watching her wear the baby wrong. Okay. That is all.

  8. Love this post. I am feeling so much the same these days. It's so hard to feel present in the moment when you have 50,000 things on your mind and plate...but entries like this remind me that I need to do it.

    So thank you!

  9. aww.. I hear you mama, savour these seconds - each precious moment... we must! Glad lil' Ivy survived another wild moment! ;o)

  10. Steph, you soothed my soul with this post. These past months I've been anxious at how quickly time is passing, how my daughter's babyhood is long gone hand-in-hand with my young, carefree self. But this is the meat of my life. This girl is my life's work. I'm going to enjoy it.

  11. I love how bright and sunshiney Ivy always is.


  12. I love the coat she is wearing.
    I guess the in-between stage is always the worst.

  13. This is simply lovely. I struggle with this balance day in and day out. Sometimes my babies (5 and 8) just take my breath away and I could stare at them for hours ... but then the clock keeps me reminding me of what I "need" to do. Thank you for this beautiful reminder of what truly matters.

  14. Judging from today's post I'd venture to guess that:

    a. it warmed up
    b. you savored

    Good for you.


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