September 20, 2011

Like a Player

Ivy sweet-dreaming under the table.

I spent the better part of my Saturday beneath a dining room table covered in blankets. We try not to let any light in, and are very quiet- and it's like, I go back in time and yet where there is no time. I made many a table fort or hallway sheet-tied-to-a-fan tent when I was a little girl. Some days I watch Ivy play and truly feel like I am watching myself at that age. It's very surreal.

When the sun finally peeks through, or the rain dries enough so that we can go outside, we ride bikes. Gray coasts down the sidewalk with no hands and I'm instantly back to that feeling of riding my banana seat through the neighborhood, the whirrr of my wheels, balancing with no hands. I'm there.

bike riding

Growing up I lived among dogs barking up tall trees and found plenty to pretend underneath front yard evergreens. I often regret the new-ness of the neighborhood we live in now and that my kids don't have sticks and leaves and nature surrounding them. We try to venture out- we take walks, belong to the local arboretum, and visit parks and trails in the woods. And I always let them bring their sticks home.

But when we are here (and when we aren't out riding bikes) I prefer painting or doing our visual prayer or covering the entire driveway in colorful chalk murals and roads. Hubs takes on the basketball and catch and golf practice in the backyard. And often the kids just make up stuff with each other. They pretend to drive to Starbucks and bring me a latte. They fill up the baby pool with water and toys and go "fishing." They set up all the lawn chairs in the garage and play house with the neighbor kids.

I did that, too. And one day when I was playing house across the street in a friend's yard, at the tippy top of his tall slide, he kissed me on the cheek. And I slid right down and ran all the way home and threw away every Scratch n'Sniff and puffy sticker he ever gave me. Ripped them right out of my sticker book.

What do you remember? What's your specialty (your favorite thing to do with your kids outside?) What do they love to do?


In celebration of this Saturday's World Wide Day of Play [Sept 24] GoGo squeeZ - a company all about good and simple active play- is blog carnival-ing with Story Bleed Magazine to showcase all of our nostalgic stories of playtime with a big link up. How did you play when you were a child... and how do you play now with your own kids? Join in by writing your stories (or sharing a play-photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #GoGoDayOfPlay) and linking up with Story Bleed.

Our hopes are that you'll also join the GoGo Gang, nationwide brigade of parents and kids that are dedicated to getting a daily dose of (active, outdoor) GoGo Time. By liking the GoGo Gang on Facebook and uploading a photo of your child (or you and your child together!) enjoying outdoor play, you will help the Gang reach their goal of 100,000 members.

When the GoGo Gang is 100,000 members strong, GoGo squeeZ will team up for Action for Healthy Kids to renovate a play space  in an under-served community. And  when membership reaches 250,000, GoGo squeeZ will build playgrounds in two more communities.

So, join us! Link up with the blog carnival at Story Bleed and get in the GoGo Gang, and most importantly, go outside and play.

GoGo squeeZ Facebook page
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GoGo squeeZ is compensating me for this post. I was thrilled to partner with Story Bleed Magazine and this weekend's World Wide Day of Play. All memories and words here are my own.


  1. Oh, I have a vivid memory of playing at the playground on the platform at the top of the slide. Some boy I didn't know, surely about my same age, came running up and kissed my back right between the shoulder blades.

    I was really disturbed, but didn't tell my mom right away. I think I had a stomach ache for the rest of the day until I told her as she was tucking me in. I remember feeling so violated and so ashamed and embarrassed to tell her about it.

    It seems silly now but it definitely didn't seem silly then.

    I also remember hours spent pretending, inside and out, making up magical worlds and characters to inhabit them with me...

  2. Oh that is too funny about the kiss. I have a memory similar out in the woods of our house when I was four. But I was happy to get a little kiss :)

    Yay for Play!

  3. I love to go out with my girl, ride my bike with her, or go to the park. The beach, also, is a big hit for us!!

    hugs from Brazil!

  4. Puffy scratch and sniff stickers! I loved them...

  5. Gorgeous.

    Gorgeous words and photos and memories and being present.

    All gorgeous.


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