August 31, 2011

Small Style: Today What Shall We Do, Ivy LaRue?

 going for a walk

She said let's walk to the library 

because she wanted to ride in the vela-tator


story time

and get her own PINK library card, (sorry they are all blue.)

at the library

Then we went to lunch.

salad in the park

"Cobb salad two forks, please."

And we passed by the spray park, of course you can go in.

small style day 5

Half-way home she said "I'm going to sleep. Don't wake me, Mom"

"Okay, babe."

on ivy for this week's small style...

tee: mini boden
skirt: rosemary's cuppa
socks: target
shoes: livie & luca

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  1. I want to be your kid. :) Lucky little girl you've got there....and lucky mama ;)

  2. Would you love all those books!!! Our kids library has just one ground shelf like that... I think I'm moving!!!

  3. What an absolute sweetie you have! Sounds like a perfect girl's day. Love the Rosemary's Cuppa skirt!

  4. My time is coming next week. Just Ruby and I. We hit the library yesterday and plan to do it every week during school so she can enjoy the reading time. She's just adorable Steph!

  5. bahah.. 'don't wake me'.. best line ever! Can you be my mom?! hehe.. a fun date with Ivy for sure - enjoy those moments together. :o)
    needle and nest

  6. When I think other posts are my favorite, there's always one to top them or love them in a different way. Your captures are just spot on. I adore the one with her sitting with the big footed creature reading the book. Reminds me of when you were a little girl, reading to your care bears. I must visit that splash pad, soon!

  7. So, so adorable!

    Love the perspective in the first picture!

  8. Sounds like a precious day with your girl!

  9. isn't it nice to have that special time???
    looks like you two had an amazing day!

  10. looks like a fun date. love her shirt and skirt!

  11. What sweet, precious time!

    Too cute, the way she says elevator! My 3 year old calls it the "alligator" : - )

  12. What precious time you get with your girly. I love it! And, I am a little jealous! :)

  13. I can think of a better way to spending the day. So sweet.

  14. She is adorable...I love the one of her on the chair reading with a wild thing.

  15. i love this so hard. this makes me completely gleeful for the days when emma is in school and lucy is big enough to actually DO stuff [although, that day is getting near!!!] ... so so sweet.

  16. I want to high five you for letting her splash in her clothes. I swear it's more fun that way... like you're getting away with something. :)

  17. I imagine that time alone with your youngest child is alike a mirror image of your life as a new mother. Sweet.

  18. What a fabulous day out. And I have to say I think knee highs are the perfect library outfit.

  19. O.M.Gosh that SECOND PHOTO!!!!!!!!

    Can you tell I love it???

    Hope you like this when you read it on Monday when you get back from your break.


  20. So sweet! I'd have chosen all the same things! (And if you were in Columbus, OH, she'd have a choice of several library card colors! ;-))

  21. She's so precious! I bet that mother daughter time is such a special gift :) I remember treasuring time with my mom when I was little and doing "special things" with her is still special to me at 30 years old ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend "unplugged"!!

  22. I second what some others have said... I want to be your kid! That sounds like an excellent day!


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