September 22, 2011

Small Style: Oh, just errands

We took Mommal to get her nails done on Tuesday. While we were waiting Ivy spilled my bottled water on the floor, fell out of her chair, and turned on the faucet in the pedicure tub. So we took a walk and I grabbed my camera.

a little walk
[girl friend]

strike a pose
She might get her stitches out tomorrow.

E y e l a s h e s.

on ivy for this week's small style...

sweater- noppies via zulily
tank- american apparel via the mini social
skirt- addie & ella via the mini social
pants- noppies via zulily
shoes- ciento via zulily

[linking up as always with our love small style at mama loves papa.]   


  1. she is so precious. and yes, that sounds like my children too!!!! they love to get into everything.

  2. oh gosh, stitches? What did I miss?! Poor li' Ivy - but I don't doubt it with her ability to get into everything eh? Great outfit.. is that skirt two layers - front and back? Real sweet!
    needle and nest design.

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous eyelashes. My word.
    A walk really is the solution to most things, isn't it.

  4. that middle picture is stealing my heart. what a little love. I want to borrow her for a few days and get my cute-little-girl fix. seriously, that little haircut is too much. give her and the boys a squeeze for me.

  5. My word, her eyelashes!! She looks adorable with that haircut, too.

  6. Her eyes and eyelashes are so gorgeous. And she IS the most stylish kid I "know". :) CUTE!!

  7. Oh, sweet girl! She is so beautiful! I love that outfit, too! LOVE the skirt and that cardigan!

  8. I just adore that sweater! My little one busted her lip a couple of months ago too, and had to have 3 stiches. FYI, it has healed up really well!

  9. That outfit is super cute. Love it. Wouldn't mind a cardi just like that one. :)


  10. I want that cardigan too. It is the cutest!

  11. She is a doll as usual. Walks are the cure all in our family these days. I especially love her cardigan. Super cute!!

  12. I can only imagine how frightening this experience was for you. Ivy looks like a tough little cookie! I hope the wound heals up well for her. She's got the most amazing eyes, like her Momma.


  13. She's adorable!! (They) sure can wear a momma out with their busyness sometimes ;) As much as I'm ready for the 90 degree weather to leave CA, I'm wondering how I'm going to keep my two little guys busy all winter....

  14. Finally got my butt in gear and posted a Small Style. Remember my Fashion Fridays back in the day? That was two kids ago... ;)

    ANYWAY, Ivy looks as fab as always, even with that sore little lip. Love the cardigan! Hope you are well!

  15. I'm in a phase of not being able to take Gage anywhere, unless I'm ready to bring THE CRAZY.

    And Ivy is SO cute.

  16. I still can't believe she is three.

    Love her style and I hope that the stitches came out today with no bumps.


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