September 8, 2011

Small Style: Jacket Weather

apparently we like green

We had a cold spell this week which was totally awesome but also had me scrambling because I really didn't do any "back to school" shopping yet. I mean, just because the kids start school doesn't mean that they should automatically start wearing jeans and sweatshirts - it's still summer here! Their summer duds were working just fine until I could figure out what still fit from last year. And then those fall clouds rolled in. Aren't they beautiful though?

I spent the entire morning rifling through boxes and boxes of past years' clothes and hand-me-downs. Then I sorted out all that was outgrown and not use-able (hand-me-downs don't apply to Gray since he hates tags and the tag-free stuff didn't start until recent years, and also, I pretty much can only buy him tea collection. But anyway.) I took two enormous bins to Once Upon A Child and while they were figuring out what they wanted to buy from me I shopped Noah & Carter's sizes. I found a ton. I was hoping to break even or not have to pay too much out of pocket. When it was all said and done, they paid me $5 difference. That was awesome.

As for Ivy's clothes, I have been thinking about selling hers online via ebay or something like that. She has so many adorable things that I would love to see appreciated (lots of misha lulu, mini boden, tea collection, etsy finds, etc) and also if I can make a little money to buy more cute things that wouldn't be so bad either. I am considering linking to it from here but am not sure yet. Do you have any opinions on the matter?


this week's small style...

on gray: old navy jacket from many years ago, target pants, keen shoes

on carter: old navy sweatshirt that is too small but he insists on wearing it anyway, old navy pants

on noah: lands' end sweatshirt* that he picked out of the catalog before I even found out they wanted to send us some items from their fall collection. it's super soft and crazy cool, dogwood pants

on ivy: gymboree sweatshirt I found on clearance earlier this year, tea collection dress + gypsy pants

she's really into whispering secrets lately

[linking up as always with our love small style at mama loves papa.]   

*Lands' End sent Noah the sweatshirt for mention here on my blog. Right now they have up to 40% off the back to school collection, and boots &; shoes are 30% off with code SHOESALE and pin 1105.


  1. If you do decide to sell Ivy's clothes online, I vote you post a link here. Her clothes are so adorable; I certainly think many people will want to buy them.

  2. they are all such cuties. love how she is into whispering secrets. :)

  3. I say no link and let me buy it all for Naomi-ha! ;)

  4. What a blessing to be able to turn in clothes, get clothes and get money back. I LOVE Once Upon a Child. You are doing it the smart way and saving so much. They just grow too fast to pay full price. I'm proud of you Steph!

  5. I say ebay away! I've already bought some cool tea collection things for our little girl on ebay (not even here yet!) and it's a great way to get awesome clothes I couldn't afford otherwise!

  6. what a sweet lil' 'green party' you have there.. whispering secrets? Adorable.
    Good luck with the clothes debate... no genius ideas here, sorry.
    Mel :o)
    needle and nest design

  7. Steph- I do a TON of b/s/t for kid clothes and try those pages on FB first - you save yourself ebay fees. If items don't sell, then I take them to ebay. There's a miniboden page, a MJC page (several, actually), cloth diaper page, babywearing page, etc. all where you can list your stuff. I prefer those to ebay.

  8. Such a beautiful family. We are still waiting on the cooler weather here in Northern California! I'll have to do a bit of shopping as well for the little ones. Selling Ivy's things and linking seems sensible. I have seen it done on a few other blogs as well.

  9. I bet you could sell it all straight from your blog, save the trouble of ebay. You won't have people bidding, but you could list a price per item or for outfits/lots. Price what you want to get for it and it will all get snatched up, guaranteed.

  10. First of all... CUTENESS!
    and how these cold spells sneak up on us so quickly, we'll never know... I wasn't very prepared either! hoodies are GREAT!

    and I've sold some of Ruby's things on Ebay... but then I started a group on Facebook, and just list her stuff on there... lucky, alot of local ladies like her leftovers and they snatch them up pretty quickly! i use the money I make selling the old stuff to buy new stuff! works out great!

  11. The pictures are so cute! I am envious of the clouds and "jacket weather", the forecast is calling for 105 here tomorrow!!
    If I could wear Ivy's clothes, I would buy them ;) She always looks so.cute!

  12. These pictures are so great! They're all so sweet together! I'm so jealous of your cool weather. It never cools down around here until the end of October. It was 100 yesterday!

    Please, please, please let me buy some of Ivy's things! I'm so serious!

  13. That is the sweetest thing, sharing secrets with a hug! Soooo charming. Such handsome children!

    And I had no idea Once Upon a Child had such great buying prices. TIL! Today I learned!

  14. another vote for selling it from your blog -- I would LOVE. to buy some of it from you for Adele!

  15. Your kids are the cutest... really they are!!!

  16. I vote you link them here, I would love the chance to pick up a few of her cuties!

  17. I sell all my kids clothing on ebay. It does very well! Love their sweatshirts - I am so ready for Fall!

  18. Your guys are totally adorable, as usual! Fall weather is still a long way away for us, so I'm enjoying living vicariously thorough Small Style.

    As for the shop Ivy's closet idea? I think it's a good one. A nice way to help cute clothes see more love and appreciation.

  19. I don't even have kids, but I'd love to buy some of Ivy's clothes!

    You have the most gorgeous family and your photos make me long to have my own kids soon. (Won't happen for at least 8 to 10 years.)

  20. I'll totally buy them up. And by I, I mean my mom, but whatever. Same thing.


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