September 29, 2011

Round and round

small style - gray & ivy

I think I look forward most to this post each week. I just love small style and am so thankful to have found Morgan at Mama Loves Papa. I also love that after almost six years of blogging that I still can't wait to write here.


This past weekend we had a family reunion at a park, with a big playground and fishing.


Before I forget, I've noticed in the past week or so that if I casually and loosely leave my hand out to my side, Ivy will grab it and hang on. But if I force her to hold my hand (say in a parking lot or somewhere to keep her safe) she resists it. This small act speaks so many silent words, and reminds me so much of myself. So much.


on ivy for this week's small style...

ribbed tee- tea collection
dress- tea collection
pants- h & m
boots- target

on gray- tea collection & target pants
on noah- target

P.S.almost all of my tea collection purchases are through my affiliate link and paid for by myself (I just placed a huuuuuge order a couple weeks ago which includes what Gray & Ivy are wearing here.)

[linking up as always with small style at mama loves papa.] 


  1. Colin is the same way. He likes to hold hands, hug, be carried (no longer easy), snuggle, but on his terms. If an invitation to hold his hands is interpreted as a means of restraint, no deal.

  2. My girl insists that I hold her hand while I push her in the stroller. It is probably the cutest thing ever, but also a bit awkward. So often we just ring-sling it instead.

    Love Ivy's outfit (as always) and her firm sense of who she is and what she wants!

  3. That first picture... and then that last picture of Ivy just grinning... brings a happiness to my day. Reminds me of all those moments when my kids are just being carefree kids and loving life.

    {so glad you love to still write here!}

  4. love that last picture of ivy-girl. what a love.

  5. my goodness, i just adore that ivy. and i have that blue striped dress coming for emma, and she already has those boots, too!! and of course, lucy will wear them all again one day, haha. so cute!!

  6. great post! I love Morgan and Blogging after several years too. Your family is always adorable.

  7. I love that last pic - frame-worthy! My son reminds me SO MUCH of myself as well, the good and the bad. ;) Tea Collection is my fave, especially when I can find it on sale!

  8. I love this link up every week - your little ones look adorable! And apparently, we both had "park adventures" this week!

  9. Than hand thing? All of my kids will still (occasionally) hold my hand if I'm really unobtrusive about it. ;)

  10. Precious photos! We all sure know how to express our independence...funny how our little ones take after us ;)

  11. You must fall in love with her every single day! What a doll baby.


    How's her wound healing?

  12. They always look like they are so happy and having so much fun. I'll bet they're like that ALL the time, right? ;-)

  13. That last picture of Ivy is adorable!


  14. They are so precious! How sweet that Ivy will just grab your hand when it's by your side. She's already such a girl! :)

    I'm SO glad that I found you. You are such a blessing, Steph!


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