September 9, 2011

Pee Ess

(to yesterday)

I cooled off and took my position in front of the sink full of dishes even though I swear I just did them, while Carter called for help with his spelling over the running of the water.

"Is Buh-lawg-nah a verb?"

I asked him to spell that for me?


Oh, you mean baloney. That's a noun. To which Gray about cackled himself out of his chair.

A few more words in. "Does 'fungi' mean weird?"

I laughed, I felt better, and then I made chocolate chip cookies. Because that's how I do this mom thing. (They were break and bake cookies, just keeping it real.)


Later on I saw a message from my sweet friend Megan, a mom with kids all grown up and out of the house now. She sent me the link to this article: Bittersweet Song of September. Several strings of words struck right through me, but especially- on the inevitable growing up of our children- "Even when you win, you lose."

Yeah, something a lot like that.


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  2. This really struck me the other day as I looked out our window at the changing leaves of the red maple in our front yard and held my son's foot as he cuddled on my lap. His foot is so soft, can still fit in my cupped hand. Nursing can still salve all wounds. He's 2 and it seems yesterday I held him as a newborn, fresh for this world. My daughter is now officially a kindergartner. She still loves bed-cuddles and believes that her cape gives her super powers. She still wants me when she hurts. But, they do change, which is as it should be. Just as we get to know them as they've become, they change again. Bittersweet, indeed. How very true: even when you win, you lose. I suppose we must hold on as we let go. Grab me the tissues, will you? *sob*

  3. I don't know why they spell "bologna" like that. Too confusing! :)

  4. Yeah. That gave me chill bumps so much I even had them on my ears. Gotta go cry now.

  5. laughing so hard! I needed this, this morning...

  6. The part in her article about the day with a colicky baby going by so slowly but 18 years going by with the blink of an eye... so, sadly true.

  7. Thank you for fessing up to break and bakes. I was beginning to wonder how people just stop and bake cookies like that, since it seems like a LOT of moms do this and I don't get how...

  8. Ugh. I think about this all the time. I admit to being one of those mamas that would continue to have children simply because the thought of not having a little one in the house is excruciating to me. When you win, you lose. How true. I love watching them grow, and be able to do things for themselves. But, on the other hand, I sorta want them to need me forever.

  9. I love that you found something to laugh about in the midst of the mommy-chaos! When I'm having a rough day with the kids baking always cheers me up and dancing - lots of dancing! :)

  10. my newborn, he sleeps. my three and a half year old? fights me on every. single. thing. this just started a few months ago and i think school will be such a welcome reprieve. (she starts tomorrow.) but then i know i'll cry when she leaves.
    grass. greener.
    even in shadows.


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