September 8, 2011

If I didn't get this out of my head it might have exploded.

We're in the third week of school and I am FA-RUSTRATED to no end with certain school children in this house and their homework and their not doing said homework. Okay, really it's just one of them but I don't want to name names. Whatever the case, I am coming undone.

Like, how I get an email from one of the boys' teachers stating he didn't turn in spelling last week and so he can turn it in by tomorrow to save his grade, and I get all focused on him getting that done only to find out he forgot THIS WEEK'S SPELLING (that is due tomorrow mind you) at school. 

I excused myself in a huff so that I can chill the flip out because I was so not chill and take a few breaths before I email the teacher, hoping to get the assignment tonight if she's online. I grabbed my laptop and plopped into my LaZboy only to find I am sitting in pee. Now that is just uncalled for. The things going through my head right now are not pretty. Also, I was actually wearing something cute today.

Next I am going to type a bunch of words all in caps with lots of GAHHHHHHHHHs in the white space below this post and then delete it all and everything will be so much better.


  1. i love you. and you and your kids human-ness. :)

  2. Can you get the list from someone else in the class? My son the one with glasses :) yea he had this problem last year. It stopped, praise the LORD! So frustrating! I completely understand and sorry you got pee on you :) Better tomorrow....I promise!

  3. Oh, that doesn't just happen at my house;) deserve a drive alone and a coffee drink tonight! Well, actually you deserve more than that but I know that helps me chill.


  4. Oi!

    Yeah, we have a little of this and that around here, too. We even have a kid who forgets spelling homework. A lot.

    GAAAHHHHHHHH feels good, no?

  5. Oh, you say it so politely.

    Ours isn't's math.

    dislike math homework

  6. I'm so sorry :( BIG HUGS! And you type away in caps!

    We had a similar day today. I homeschool my two older girls {1st and 4th grades}, but I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old at home. 2 month old decided she didn't want to sleep last night, so overly tired today, of course. There was fussing involved, a bit of screaming {her, not me ;)} and then my husband decides to threaten to send the girls to school if I can't get it quieted down in here. GAHHHHHHH! And you know what, I'm not going to lie. It's never going to be silent in here. Yesterday was quite lovely and we got a lot accomplished, but today . . . not so much. And we're going to have days like today from time to time.

    Whew! Sorry about the ramble, but boy does that feel better to get that off my chest.

    Also? Sorry about the pee. That's no fun at all.

  7. I don't have much to add except I love you and I'm sorry your head feels like exploding and I love that you are REAL and oh my word, PEE?????

  8. Oh my kids aren't school age yet, but I can assure you with a 3 and 2 year old I definitely have days where I want to scream or at least write in all caps to let it all out. I heard someone say once "I love my children, but sometimes I don't like them very much." Isn't that true? Hugs for a good night of sleep and a better day tomorrow!

  9. I love the unexpected pee presents! Sometimes, I step in something wet and cold and wonder, "pee, poop, or something else?" Ah, the joys of motherhood!

  10. Just said a prayer for you. Hope things get better.

  11. oh, and the chair of pee in the cute outfit to top it all off.

    (((big hug)))

  12. I had a GAH day yesterday that has continued to a certain degree today. Parenting stinks. Except when it is wonderful. Which it is. Sometimes.

    :) Hugs.

    Mary, momma to 10

  13. (Hug.) Tomorrow will be better I hope!

  14. let's bang our heads against the wall together now, okay? on the count of three. 1 ... 2 ...

    nevermind, let's just hug it out. xo

    love you and your honesty.

  15. The delete button is lovely, isn't it?

    Homework sucks. I feel for the kids. They're in school all day and then they have to keep doing school at home. I know that not everyone agrees with me, but I hate that they can't just BE at home...

    I remember the homework hassles. Deep breaths, babe. Remember that he won't fail in life if he fails a few spelling tests. And maybe it might be enough motivation to get him working harder...

  16. Homework hassles happen almost daily in my house. My oldest has had homework every day this week (even on the first day! boo)

    He sat down yesterday afternoon (without me bugging him) and did his homework. on his own. it was a miracle.

    He left it on the couch this morning.


    I feel ya.

  17. Did the typing thing help? Because I might have to take up that practice on occasion...


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