September 27, 2011


grocery shopping

What day is it?

Huh. For some reason I thought once all three boys were in school that Ivy and I would have nothing to do! Free as a bird! Chilling all day! Oh muh gah no.

I don't know if I've ever been so on the go in my life. Maybe I thought there was enough free time for everyone and poof the other day I woke up and it's all used up. I've volunteered to help in Gray's class twice a week at lunchtime. Ivy comes along, too. She passes out the milks and napkins. And orders the kids to be quiet. A lot.

I signed her up for story time at the library. You know, because I thought she would be bored at home without brothers around, not knowing we'd be off gallivanting to school or doctor appointments (her stitches are out and it looks great!) and taking Mommal to get her nails done and grocery shopping and just keeping company. It fills up the days.

But they are full.

It's funny. And not what I expected. And it is good.

This is life.


  1. I LOVE that photo. You should turn it black and white and submit it to The Sun. It's perfect.

  2. I don't know why (bc it's the exact opposite), but this made me think of the lyrics to Brandon Heath's 'London': You know it’s everything that I imagined it would be.
    I had no idea that it would feel this empty.

    So glad that it's not what you expected and that it's good. I love when that happens.

  3. I love that picture too! I'm so thankful you find a spot in your busy week to spend time with your grandma. You can never get this time back. I love you! Mom

  4. Actually, reading this post reminded me of one of my favorite quotes (which, of course, I had to go grab off my facebook profile so I didn't get it wrong - ha!): "That's the key to having it all; stop expecting it to look like what you thought it was going to look like."

    Sounds like you have a very full, happy life...on the go or not! :)

  5. Love it!

    Plus Ivy ordering all the kids to be quiet at lunch? priceless!

  6. Love it, ,never a boring moment :-)

  7. You have such a beautiful life and such a beautiful family. :-)

  8. My daughter (Ivy's age) started preschool a month ago. I too thought I'd have plenty of time for myself. Specially since her brother still naps in the morning. Boy was I wrong! I find myself dragging poor Tyler around before his nap and when we are home there's always something that needs to be done: laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc.
    So I know the feeling!! :)

  9. I hear ya! I was excited for my 2nd grader to go back to school b/c it's easier to accomplish things with 2 (middle girl goes to K next year)...but we've still been so busy and had a lot of illness, including my 2nd grader home on my days there has been no quiet!


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