September 15, 2011

For starters, I burned the butter.

For starters, I burned the butter.

I was making chicken noodle soup for the very first time-- I am not a novice when it comes to making soup. I can make some pretty amazing minestrone and tortilla soup and a mouth-watering bowl of roasted acorn squash deliciousness but chicken noodle? Never made it. Tonight I had some chicken breasts that needed to be cooked and, well, I went for it.

And I burned the butter.

But, I journeyed on with the making of the soup. And, according to my children (whose opinions matter very much to me) it was the best soup they've ever tasted. And I didn't even use a recipe. I just kind of guessed, because chicken noodle soup? I've been eating it for as long as I can remember and so I just figured it out.



A couple weeks ago I saw a thing going around on Twitter to say what inspires you in three words. And goodness, if I couldn't come up with three words.

I. don't. know.?

I'm supposed to write something about inspiration for my Hallmark post this month, I think.

What inspires me? So many things that my mind drew a blank.

I guess I find myself most "inspire-able" by the weather, or rather the change in weather. The moment when I am listening to music and I am moved to turn the volume up a few more notches. When I let it take me away.

I am inspired by the under dog. By the overcoming, and the overcome'd. By the unexpected because I am not easily surprised. By thoughtfulness with no intentions. By random artistic messes. By those who have mercy, and those that desire it.

By things that are nothing but at the same time everything. By what doesn't make sense. By beautiful differences, and imperfections.

What inspires me draws me to thankfulness.

I know what I am not inspired by. Conflict, disapproval, jealousy, pretentiousness, clutter (the kind that's not pretty). I don't think I've ever really thought to get with the program and apply these things to my life already like for real this time.

Because how I choose to surround myself, the soil I plant my soul in, matters.


You know, every time I step foot in the kitchen there's a chance I'm going to burn the butter. I'll set another place at the table; make it part of my special occasion.

It adds fibers to my rope, with my words I write myself a way


What inspires you?

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  1. Chicken noodle soup yummm, it's a cold, wet rainy fall day around here today and I'll be in the kitchen baking, cooking trying to warm the house and our heart :-)

    For me prepare food is like, painting on a canvases, working with clay or taking a picture... from nothing creating something, something beautiful, something delicious (well most of the time) something that makes us feel good inside.

    Cooking is a art, and we can all be a artist :-)

  2. I'm proud of you for creating your own recipes even if you do burn the butter.

  3. I get inspired by so many things also. I am inspired by words....they often spur me to do more, do better. I am inspired by nature - I want to bring what I love outdoors into my indoors for decorating (but I rarely do). I am inspired by fabric to make something new and perfect for myself or my children, or just some one very special to me.

    Also? I burned the brussel sprouts the other night. My family still loved dinner. Their forgiveness knows no bounds, does it?

  4. Because how I choose to surround myself, the soil I plant my soul in, matters. <---How do I keep learning this and relearning this and yet forgetting it over and over again?

  5. I'm inspired by women who burn the butter and then write about it.


  6. Great post! Are u still considering selling Ivy's used clothes? I haven't seen anything else about that. Thanks.

  7. Ocean. Rain. Finding the art in everyday. Helping people find their own inspiration.

  8. Steph, I always love your words. I wish I could say my feelings & thoughts just a smidgen-bit of the way that you seem to so naturally do. Truly, I love this place.

    I am inspired by women that go, do, live, and continue to do so. That keep looking for the beautiful, the challenging (which is also the rewarding) and that create the life that they only dreamed of long ago. I'm trying to be one of those women. :)


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