September 23, 2011

All I Got


We went to the zoo the other day and I took out my camera to take a picture but the battery was dead. I did snap this shot with my phone, of Ivy and Asher with a popcorn snack.

A couple weeks ago I was at the hair pulling out stress level with Carter and his homework and the forgetting of said homework. He didn't turn in a spelling project that is a big part of his grade, but his teacher gave an extension to turn it in by the next week. When that Friday came, he was ready to turn it in but he'd (again) forgotten what was due that week.

In a fit of scrambling and messaging, he was able to finish it in on time. I emailed the teacher during the school day to ensure he actually turned it in and she responded that yes, he had turned in both weeks' spelling but he forgot to do his math.


Anyway. I'm so thankful she's so understanding and that it's still just the beginning of the year. Lots of grooves to still be found.

Also, a I've got a different kind of response here: 5 Things Parents Want to Tell Teachers.

P.S. Ivy's stitches stay in until Monday. :/ Fall is here, which I love, but the grey skies and biting chill are really getting to me today, and I'm more teary-eyed than usual. Hold me?


    1. Oh no, that is a lots of stress for one mama, I hope next week will go smoothly!!!

    2. We are having different homework issues that are frustrating. Hopefully parent conferences in two weeks will give some insight to us.

    3. One thing I stress for forgetful kids are folders. Does he have a To Do and Done folder? It helps to have it all in one place, so he's not scrambling to get it all together, plus he knows exactly what needs to be turned in. Sorry, it's hard to turn off the teacher advice! I know it will get better!

    4. maybe you're feeling my pre-labor out of sorts-ness?


    5. I'm not a mama, but I do know that when I was a kid I daydreamed A LOT. I forgot a lot of "important" tests or performances I was supposed to prepare for. And I know I daydreamed my way through long division and my teacher took extra time with me outside of school to make sure I got it - which I did in approximately 20 minutes once I was actually paying attention. All that, and I still got good grades in junior high, high school and ended up with a PhD. Which I wouldn't mention except to tell you not to worry so much. If Carter is really just daydreaming, like I did, I just wanna' say that daydreaming is pretty much creativity in action and that's not all bad. So maybe it might ease your heart (and the pressure you're placing on yourself) a little to think of it that way? You can still work with him on finding ways to remember and pay attention, but rest assured that he will get it some day. And in terms of long-term impact, 6th grade and up is pretty much when grades begin to matter. For now, I'm sure his teachers will see his talents on the work he does do and I'm sure he's doing brilliantly there.

    6. Oh, the stresses of mamahood can certainly be overwhelming. Hopefully things will be calmer for you all soon.

    7. What grade is Carter in again? Because Tommy is having the same stellar start to the school year, 4th-grade. I had to get a red folder and write on the outside, in giant black block letters, TURN THIS WORK IN. I was getting daily emails from his teacher about missing work. Head on desk. Bang bang bang.

    8. he he he! hold me? That's hilarious! My husband says that all the time when he's in "need." And no! Not THAT kind of "need." Just any OTHER need in general! Usually in jest.
      Oh, boy. NOw I'm really digging a hole. I am now going to stop!

      And this is me stopping!


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