August 12, 2011

When You Reach Me

star in the cloud sky

I snapped this photo while standing in the middle of the Muskegon River. Does anyone else see a Super Mario Brothers-esque star in the clouds?

I brought a couple books with me to the cabin although I'm not really a summer reader (it's just too bright outside, am I the only one?) but give me fall or winter and I can devour books. It's just my season. But one afternoon the kids were napping and I sprawled on the bed looking to a window full of woods and trees and I could have just stayed there reading forever. I decided to start a book I'd gotten for Noah- When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead. I absolutely loved it and think anyone aged 8 + up (including old people like me) will find it mesmerizing. So creative and yet familiar, comfortable, relatable. And I don't want to give anything away, but if you know me, you'll know why I was thrilled about a certain story line around one of the main character's friends. Spectacular!

Is there a book (for young or old?) that you have been blown away by lately?

At school registration this week the library gave away all their discontinued books- stacks and stacks! We were free to take as many as we wanted and we did. Some of them are old and vintage and unique. I was thinking about featuring one each week after my Listen To Your Mother 'behind the scenes' posts come to and end (which they will be so soon!)

In other in the know with what I've written this week at Strollerderby:

I'm going there (or rather not! going there...) 3 Surprising Places I Hate To Take My Kids

Truly stunning and wonderful babywearing videos including a babywearing flash mob!

I realize that a lot of what I'm feeling is the unknown/uneasy period where Gray is crossing over from little boy to big kid and so I am not sure I expressed myself the best, (and also the more I think about it, I picture how my mom felt when I'd wear my ratty thrift store clothes in high school) but Does This Backpack Make My Kid Look Dorky?

A new blood test in pregnancy can accurately determine your unborn baby's sex- would you need or want to take this test?

And I never meant for this to become a "your kid should buy his lunch at school and not bring one from home" debate but apparently moms are really sensitive about the news that only 1% of bagged lunches were considered at safe temperatures by lunchtime! (My kids will be taking their lunch to school most days, and I'll be more mindful to pack safely!)


  1. Pretty sure that's a Care Bears star, Steph. Common mistake. ;)

  2. i love that you were a panty twister all over the internets this week. my oh my. tsk, tsk.


  3. Holy Moly! Just checked out the comments from the school lunch post! Whoa nelly... I think my skin is too thin for successful blogging LOL :)

  4. All articles read. All great. Good stuff this week! - mrs_jennyk

  5. I agree with SuperMommySometimes. Thanks for putting the info out there. Sorry people can't just be nice. geez. I just ran across your blog and also live in Valpo. But I've fallen off the blogging bandwagon in recent months as mine has been majorly unattended to.

  6. I am a bit of a Rebecca Stead groupie. We read her other book, First Light, in my Children's Literature class and I fell in love. I then read When You Reach Me and was even more captivated by that story. Needless to say I was crying at the end. Precious, beautiful, enchanting book.

  7. That was a fantastic book. I love when I read a book and wish I could meet and hang out with the characters. They just seemed that real--and that awesome.



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