August 30, 2011

What I Did

Yesterday was the first day I was kid-free from 9am until almost 4. Jeff's mom picked Ivy up and off they rode to run errands and do laundry and play dolls. I stood there and thought, what shall I do?!

I finished up all my writing work for the morning, then went to the grocery store and moseyed (and I mean moseyed taking my sweet time) down each aisle. Not only did I have the whole cart to myself, I had no need to hurry back home. I gladly checked my email on my phone while I got in the slowest checkout line ever. I didn't mind.

I went to Starbucks. Made a ginormous pot of tortilla soup, like, I had to buy extra containers to store it all. Listened to Pandora (Phil Wickham radio) and then after a while was all wait a second and I turned the music off and just soaked in the quiet for hours. I mopped the floors. Cleaned a bathroom. Straightened stuff. Did some laundry, dreamed of a stacked washer dryer.

It doesn't seem like much for all that time, but I have lofty goals for next Monday. I'm talking clearing out the closets and finally organizing all the kids' outgrown clothes and figuring out what they need for fall. I might never return.

Oh, so, speaking of work. Here's some worth-while things I've written and would love for you to check out, share, do with what you want...

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  1. You were much more productive than I would have been with a day to myself! I'm afraid I would spend most of my time window shopping and reading, although my house could definitely use some attention!

  2. I am so happy for your time. And okay, a little jealous because my closets are a disaster. You so very much deserve this time--I can't wait to see what this season will bring for you.

  3. YEA! Good for you! Today is my first day without my 2 (almost 3 year old) and I am looking forward to what I can get done! I think it helps the rest of the week when you feel like you accomplished something! It gives you a new found energy to be even more productive!

  4. Aren't those days the BEST??? My favorite thing to do with no kids and a quiet house is what I call "puttering around". I float around the house, cleaning, straightening, organizing and fixing what needs it. All the while listening to music that makes me happy and not having anyone shout "MOOOM!"

  5. What a beautiful day! And Phil Wickham radio is one of my favorites!


  6. I can't imagine a day to myself! Maybe I'll find it somewhere over the rainbow. Glad you enjoyed your day!

  7. Three cheers for the quite! I'll have it someday, in like 4 or 5 years, I'm sure of it :)

  8. what a good day! I'm so glad for you, Steph.

  9. That is so awesome to have that time for yourself! Enjoy it!

  10. Awe, yay! I'm glad you got a day all for you :)

  11. Sounds fun! And I love Phil Wickham he is so good.

  12. One of my favorite things ever to do is grocery shop at a leisurely pace - sounds like a perfect day :)


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