August 21, 2011

Sponsored: Will Go Go With Me? [GoGo squeeZ GoGo Time]

145/365 'Scuse me while I kiss the sky

I can hear the metal swing chains clang, the hot black rubber seat on the elementary school playground way back sometime in the mid-eighties. At recess we'd race to claim our swings and go as high as we could. We all chose a name of a fruit that we wanted to be and one person would call out "apple!" and whoever was apple would have to immediately jump off. And if the person called "fruit basket!" we all had to jump off. And then run to get a swing again.

I have no idea who invented this mixed up game of musical chairs, we knew it as "upset fruit basket"- but I remember clear as day the adrenaline rush of swinging so high and what if I'm called? And jumping off and it seemed like two hundred feet from the ground but I bet if I could see it today it would be much, much smaller. 

The only other recess games I remember playing is tether ball, four square, and Jem.

ogosport game

Our new favorite thing to play with this summer is the OgoDisk- frisbees that are like tiny trampolines and you can bounce this koosh ball back and forth. Grayson has made some very specific rules about this game that we call Bouncy Catch. The main objective is  pretty much to try not to drop the ball.

Gray's rules are as follows: if you drop the ball, he gets a point. If he drops the ball, he gets two points. And no one keeps score. Basically I go with it because this way he doesn't quit and we can keep on moving and it makes him so happy and I love to hear him laugh and marvel at his awesome Bouncy Catch skillz. 

bouncy catch

We also play in the front yard and I always hope people will see us and be like, oh man, I need to get out and play with my kid when I get home. (Hey, It totally works on me when I see this neighbor lady walking her kids every day. I'm all, I feel guilty I don't go for walks with the kids more so I do something about it and go!) (Usually.)

So, now I'm asking you to take action. I'm working with GoGo squeeZ this month to encourage parents to  get outside and play. Can you dedicate yourself to get a daily dose of physical activity with your kids. Yes? Great! Please consider joining us in the GoGo Gang.

When the GoGo Gang is 100,000 members strong, GoGo squeeZ will build a playground in an community in need, making it easy and fun for children in the area to get their GoGo Time. When membership reaches 250,000, GoGo squeeZ will build play spaces in two more communities! Upload a photo of you and your kids having GoGo Time here and you'll be giving back so others can get back to the playground, too.

What did you play at recess as a kid? What's your favorite outside game to play with your kids right now?

GoGo squeeZ is handsomely compensating me for this post and provided the GoGo Time in the Summertime kit, which included GoGo squeeZ samples,outdoor play gear like the OgoDisk, and a Flip HD video camera. (I'll be giving away a GoGo Time in the Summertime kit next week, be sure to subscribe to my blog, like GoGo squeeZ on Facebook, and follow on Twitter so you don't miss your chance to enter! Enter your zip code to find out where to buy GoGo squeeZ near you. (Perfect for lunches this back to school time.)


  1. I loved playing Red Rover when I was a kid a long time ago. I don't know if it's my favorite, but I seem to be playing a lot of freeze tag with the grandkids lately.

  2. Thanks for taking me back to recess this morning! We loved four square, too with those perfectly painted game boards. It was even better when the kick balls were actually inflated making for a super bouncy game!

  3. I turned 10 in 1979, so my childhood was in the late 70s. We spent a LOT of time playing outside, all year 'round. We lived next door to a boy my age who had an older brother, so the game we played most was "war" which had virtually no rules but involved lots of running, diving, and falling dramatically to the ground when we got "shot" by invisible guns (no toy guns for us).

    We also loved Red Light Green Light, Simon Says, Red Rover and hand clapping games.

    I can't wait to teach these to my boys!

  4. I use to play jump rope alot at recess. We would play double dutch and chinese jump rope with rubber bands tied together. I remember if you missed, it would snap your ankle and hurt.

  5. p.s. this is a very neat frisbee. I want to play when I come over. And I love Grays rules!

  6. What a great project! Looks like your kids are having lots of fun.

    P.S. We play in the front yard too!

  7. Oh neato -- I was looking at those a while back. Like a grown up version of those Velcro paddle things... or SCOOP BALL! ;)

  8. I do love seeing families playing together outside. I just haven't seen that in the last three months, as we are at 60 something days over 100 degrees I think, or darn close. It was 99 at 10:13 a.m. yesterday!

    My kids love freeze tag.

  9. Oh! My two-year-old loves GoGo SqueeZ. We all also love playing outside!

  10. I just want to say, wow that is one awesome SHOT!


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