August 25, 2011

Small Style: Red Jon Jons

Seriously. Seriously? Who taught her to pose like this.

small style jon jons

I won a giveaway to the adorable etsy shop Sugarpetite.
I chose the red jon jons. Perfect selection for miss Ivy LaRue, no?

When they came in the mail she insisted that she wear them immediately. We were heading to a pizza party at Jeff's parent's, so I admit that I cringed at the thought of staining them up so soon. But she had already gotten undressed and so, I told her the only way she could wear them is if she wore her leg warmers, too (to protect her knees-they play on the driveway and sidewalks outside at Grandma's and she falls a lot.) Then, at the party, she would walk up to every adult and do that hands on the hip pose and say, look at my new outfit!*

sweet sweet

On ivy for this week's small style...

jon jons: sugarpetite
leg warmers: etsy


  1. I'm pretty sure Ivy has access to your dreams and mimics what she sees and improvises a little. My best guess.

  2. i second adam.

    and she looks totally ready for roller derby, circa 1972. LOVE IT!

  3. How cute is she!?
    This is totally something Ruby would wear! Must check out those shops! :)

  4. oh gosh that's perfect for her! And Ivy clearly knows how to 'rock it' too. I'll have you know that my daughter Azriel saw her here and said "Elmo?"...hehe.. must be all the red.. we love it!
    needle and nest design

  5. They look great on her!! I'm so glad she likes them! :)

    ~ Elizabeth

  6. I am telling you she is a super model! A natural. Love her fit!

  7. You are so funny with all your blog winnings! LOl! :)

    Cute cute cute.

  8. Thanks for the leg warmer link! I have been wanting some bigger ones for Annabel since she grew out of her babylegs. LOVE all of the options :)

  9. Did she learn the move from me? ::giggle::

    I die for that jumper thingy.

  10. great pic for ivy, red and 'tude go hand-in-hand. :)

  11. Love the jon-jons and the hands on hip pose! I seriously wish we lived closer, so Ivy and Finley could be bffs! I love all of her personality!

  12. That outfit is adorable. The striped legwarmers totally make it.

  13. EEEK - totally adorable! And I love that she loves showing off her new outfit.

  14. I agree with your assessment of the situation 100% Jon Jons = perfect for Ivy. Such personality!


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