August 27, 2011

Right Here Right Now

 (Noah was inside helping dad get all our drinks)

We've walked downtown three days in a row now (1.6 miles one-way).  Today we trekked it to breakfast, and then the market (mini pies made this morning: strawberry rhubarb, apple, & raspberry now in my possession), the splash pad, a kid's lemonade stand, and a yard sale promoted by a hilarious girl on the corner wearing a whoopie cushion costume and singing into a megaphone. We bought a book of riddles, an electric guitar, and a Wizard of Oz lunchbox.

My heartful eyes see. I cherish Gray's little legs in shorts with socks and shoes. He is counting down the days until he gets to go back to school he loves it that much. I can't figure out if Ivy is a mirror image of myself or if I am transforming into her. I'm mesmerized by her flair. Noah and Carter are big kids now and suddenly our neighborhood seems smaller. Their bikes go farther, out of sight. This freedom and letting go seems to come naturally, a meeting in the middle sort of thing. Happy scary love.


  1. happy scary, for certain.
    you have some beautiful people.

  2. It seems so sweet and romantic. It inspires me to go to the farmers' market, strap my babies on my back, have a good walk and breathe some fresh air!

  3. awww this is a lovely post, bitter sweet life can be

  4. It gives me a little peace knowing it has been natural to you to start letting go. My son is almost 4 & thinking about the day he is in school can really worry me. Love reading your thoughts through your days!!

  5. My Gavin starts soccer this week and all I can think about is how he was SO little when Ben started playing and now he's going to be playing himself.

    The growing... it's all too fast...


  6. Okay, so with a 16 y/o and a 13 y/o I've felt that letting-go-seems-natural bit, but it ebbs and flows for me. Some nights I lie in bed wondering at how I'll ever sleep in just a couple short years when Torri is away for good. So many stories out there lurking in the dark to haunt my dreams. This motherhood thing is SO happy scary. I wonder if it lasts forever?


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