August 10, 2011

May the babywearing never end

STILL babywearingNoah snapped this with his iPod today. I was wearing Ivy in the mei tai at the zoo.

Even though she gets bigger by the day, I'd definitely rather get rid of our stroller before my slings. I dread taking a stroller somewhere, but the sling? is do-able. Often I never even get it out. But I admit I don't mind the occasions I need to.

I miss it, but like breastfeeding, I know I enjoyed every single moment of it, so I am content.


  1. My 2.5 year old gets jealous when his baby sister get to "wide" in the sling. I'm such a sucker for those big ol' eyes that he almost always gets a turn after her 'turn' is over.
    I will certainly miss these days when they are gone. There are few things more wonderful than a baby(even a big one) close to your chest with a head a perfect kissing level.

  2. Do you have tips for nursing in a baby carrier? I mostly use my wrap right now because my daughter is only 6 weeks old.
    I don't really know how to put her in the ring sling I have.

  3. Eliza, yes! I wrote about it in the past here and recently here!


  4. i love her little peeking out eye. hi ivy! i can't believe how long ago that sakura bloom triathlon was either. wasn't it last month?

  5. Beautiful! May the baby wearing never end. I just love it. When I grocery shop with my sweet girl in the Ergo, it is such a special time with her. I want it to last forever.

  6. oh babywearing, how i love thee. how would i ever get my grocery shopping done without you???


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