August 17, 2011

I love the way you wear your baby: beautiful babywearing photos

Heather + mei tai back carry.2

I am going to start capturing photos of babywearing as I see it when I'm out and about. (With the subject's permission, of course.) It makes me happy that I do see quite a bit of babywearing around my wonderful city.

Today I was chatting at the park with my fabulous friend Heather (fabulous is the perfect word to describe her, btw) as she had her baby Libby chilling on her back in a mei tai. She so kindly agreed to be my first in this photo series!

Heather + mei tai back carry

Heather wears her 8-month old daughter Libby in a local mama-made Hold Me Close mei tai.

As always, I love to see your babywearing photos. If you've posted any recently, feel free to link in the comments below!

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  1. Just a few minutes ago, I posted a totally unrelated post that happened to have a babywearing photo in it! (Also, your blog is mentioned, since I am super-excited about those notecards!) Usually I reach for my Ergo, but with the heat earlier this summer, and my baby can now sit on my hip pretty securely, the lighter-weight ring sling has been my go-to choice.

  2. I was recently at a Latch On Event (of Milk for Thought) and got featured on our local news. I don't actually speak but I'm babywearing in the clip. So that counts, right?!

  3. STEPH! Didn't we agree you would photoshop me THINNER??? Hee hee hee. I will share this with Jen Cox who made the carrier for me. I'm such a nerd...even though this is my second baby to wear...when I see other babywearing mamas I totally want to run up to them and go "YAY!" and "Me Too!" LOL.

  4. hey there! love babywearing! here is my hubby wearing Felix:

  5. YAY for babywearing!!! I just made a new sling for myself last week and wore it to a 5K this last weekend. One of my friends snapped this photo -
    I love it!

  6. @Heather - not only do I *want* to run up to other babywearing mamas, I often *do* run up to them. Even if I don't have my babies with me, I'll be like, "oh yeh, um, yeh, I do that too, um, like wear my babies" and they often sidestep away from me. LOL!

    @Steph - I have a couple of pics of me wearing both babies. They are beautiful like your pics but if you're interested I'll send them to you. And this is giving me a poke to ask my husband to take a nice one of us.

  7. Doh! I meant to say that my pics are NOT beautiful like yours. :-)

  8. Love the photo! And the mei tai -- those straps look padded and super-comfy :)

    I just posted a picture of my first newborn back-wrap EVER, even though this is the second baby I've worn:

    My satisfaction and pride were totally vindicated when he fell asleep back there!

  9. i really, really love seeing other people wear their babies, too. it makes me all warm and fuzzy. i especially love to see baby wearing papas. :)

    here is my most recent post that involved baby wearing. we backpacked and wore our baby in. my super human hubby wore my daughter and a forty pound pack! we wore her all over those woods -- my ergo is my best friend.

  10. kinda helps if i post the link :)

  11. Wearing baby Stella at the beach! Http://

  12. Hi there, I joined a flash mob in our city recently to support Nursing in Public (discreetly) and for the event, I wear and nursed my son in an SSC I made myself. I'd love to share this photo my friend took which I really like.

  13. Hiya! I'm a lurker, but couldn't resist commenting from your post. I'm still working on this particular post, but there are some pics of both Mommy & Daddy wearing our 20 mos son at the San Diego Zoo last month!

    i <3 baby wearing!!!!

  14. love this AND i love babywearing. i don't really have an option since i have three! i need my hands for the boys and jess stays nice and close to me :)

    this is the only pic on the blog i have. it's the last pic in the post.

  15. I just took my two week old out for her first outing in a sling my friend made for me:

    I was just searching for ideas on slings and baby carriers and came across your blog! Great site, I'm glad I found it! :)



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