August 31, 2011

I love the way you wear your baby: all wrapped up

babywearing moby wrap (karen)
My new friend Karen

So, I followed the bus to school last week on the boys' first day. I do that whenever they start kindergarten so that I can still see them off to their room. And choke back hugemongous tears.

Thankfully I was distracted this time by a lovely mama wearing her sleeping baby in a Moby wrap. I practically accosted her as the kids poured out of the bus and she searched for her first grader. She was gracious and a good sport. And now I have a new babywearing friend at my kids' school!

See past I love the way your wear your baby photos .

As always, I love to see your babywearing photos. If you've posted any recently, feel free to link in the comments below!

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  1. oh too hilarious ... karen is my sister-in-love! =) way too funny that you found her.

  2. ok for some reason my comment posted under my husband's name ~ oops. sorry. =)


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