August 7, 2011

Heaven seems a little closer in a house beside the water...

my view

Over our campfire Chicago-style hotdogs we explained to the kids how we got to go on our 4-day family vacation deep in the woods of Michigan. Is this where I also add that they were local & organic? Does it matter? Well they were and they were delicious.We were a twenty-minute drive from cell service and yes that includes wi fi. Instead of tweeting or blogging, I wrote in a journal. This week I plan to post some of the things I wrote.

So, I'd given some money in support of a friend's fundraiser for her son who was born with some extra struggles, and honestly I didn't realize there were prizes involved. I think I remember the mention of it but also wasn't able to attend the actual fundraising event in person so I guess I put it out of my mind. I found out we won this three night stay at a cabin on the Muskegon River and so there were were. As we sat at the big table together, telling the story, I could see tears brimming in Carter's eyes, so we prayed for Gabe, and marveled at how God blesses us in creative ways. A way was made for us to have this free vacation when we couldn't have afforded it on our own, and a vehicle to drive there, and it all worked out.


On the first morning, I slipped out of the cabin as soon as I saw light. A crane cawed and flew straight down the river. If anyone saw me, I'd die laughing, but I thought a bee got caught in my hair and so there I am in the clearing walking fast, batting at my head and shaking it up and down and back and forth, and I think it was just a mosquito.

*title of this post was stolen from a pillow at the cabin.


  1. Oh how I love when we recognize that He has made a way for us when we can not get there on our own. That He really does work things together for good and uses us to bless each other.

    We are so thankful for your support for our little guy. For your thoughtfulness for our family. For your prayers - always!

    I truly hope the getaway was just what your family needed.

  2. Oh how beautiful! What a blessed family time. It's amazing what comes our way when we open ourselves up to be a blessing to others. :) Love the photos.

    Oh! And where in Michigan do you guys live? Are you close to that vacation spot? We live in Michigan! Although we're moving to Florida next month, haha.


  3. What excuses did you use to sneak into town to tweet us your pics? LOL

  4. Oh, Stephanie. I'm goosebumped and in awe of your Carter's big heart and his empathy. What a beautiful trip -- the cause and the praying together and the scenery He created. Just love it.

  5. Jenny, the first time I just came out and told Jeff that I needed to go for a drive and get cell service!! The next day we went into town to look around and do some shopping!


  6. oh what a fun little trip, isn't it funny how life works itself out? totally laughed at your bee story, i have definitely done the same thing!

  7. We just got back from a week at a house on Diamond Lake in Michigan and it was our own little slice of heaven. We had spotty service at best. Hope you enjoy your time away.

  8. It looks lovely there! I love peaceful places by water.

  9. It looks wonderful and peaceful. What a great place to get rested and re-energized!

  10. I can't wait to hear all about it. Blessings keep coming because you are such a giving person. It looked like a perfect vacation spot.

  11. Oh I grew up canoeing on that river, how wonderful. And, I think heaven is a little closer on the water too.


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