August 21, 2011

Finding The Humor

Finding The Humor starts at the :41 mark 

Behind the scenes of Listen To Your Mother with Patrick Thornton...

Patrick Thornton is is an actor, writer, and a 2010 Butler University grad. A former stay at home man-child, he recently started working at the Memorial Opera House earlier this year.

Although he doesn’t have any children of his own, he stays busy raising his two middle aged parents and 87 year old grandfather, and helping them through those awkward years between 50 and 100. Find Patrick online at & @retropat on Twitter.

Thoughts from Patrick: "Although I had been encouraged by my cousin Shelli and our friend Katy to audition, I never thought I would actually be a part of LTYM.  It wasn't until I met Stephanie that I decided to audition.  I can't thank her enough for talking me into doing the show.

The most difficult aspect of LTYM was writing a monologue.  The fact is, there are an overwhelming number of stories to tell about my mom.  There were so many I wanted to tell.  The "Get Us In The Will" story was almost replaced by the time when mom found a opossum in our basement and she told me to smack her because she was in shock and couldn't stop screaming.  Another one that didn't make the cut was when she broke her nose picking up cat poop.  I know what you're thinking, "Been there.  Done that."

As for the show itself, most things make me nervous, but performing isn't one of them.  What did worry me was whether or not people would the that my mom was in on the joke.  It wasn't until that first laught that I knew the audience would be on my side.

Oh, and the reason I start laughing in the middle of my monologue?  It's not because I find myself hilarious, it's because I could hear my mom's sadistic laught from the audience.  Hearing her laughter was probably my favorite part of the show."

A little background from Steph: "Oh, Patrick! I just loved his piece so much, and I loved that it was about his mom. Most of the Listen To Your Mother Valpo readings were more about the performer's perspective as a mother, so I was thankful to have Patrick and Adam speak about their moms. And also it was pretty neat that I had two men in the cast.

I briefly met Patrick before he decided to audition and admit I thought he was this shy young man and had no idea what he would come up with for auditions. Did you watch the video up there? Yeah. He blew me away! First of all, I knew my mom would love him as would every woman in the audience (I was right!) and second, he made me laugh and was such a different style than the rest of the auditions I'd seen, with his stand-up comic style. I also instantly had him in mind as the perfect emcee to introduce me before my piece at the end of the show. He had the audience roaring, and the best part is that his mom was the leader of all that laughter."

Every Sunday I feature a "behind the scenes" of each Listen To Your Mother Valparaiso/NW Indiana piece. You can watch the entire show on the Listen To Your Mother Show YouTube channel here or see each piece listed and linked here and here.


  1. The entire show was fantastic, but this lesson hit closest to home for me. Laughing is the best way to get through anything.

  2. ok. seriously.

    this was ridiculously awesome. i loved it. i was laughing so hard and might even have watched it since then when i just needed a laugh!

    so glad that patrick listened to shelli and katy and auditioned. i love how we all fit like a little puzzle. it wouldn't have been the same without his piece.

  3. I absolutely loved every bit of the show. Parts made me laugh and some parts made me cry.

  4. I am laughing so very hard, he's fantastic!

    Also, I am so into LTYM, it's just magic.

  5. Oh, I just want to put Patrick in my pocket and take him home! (don't be creeped out by that, Patrick. I won't actually try!)


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