August 16, 2011

Even her shadow jumps for joy.

ivy at splash pad

At our city's new ampitheatre- Central Park Plaza- we love we love! 

Today we enjoyed family and friends and the sun and the water and live music and farmer's market veggies and peaches so fresh you had to eat them right now.  

If you get a chance, please check out:


  1. this picture of Ivy is putting a HUGE smile on my face, love it!!!! She is full of joy :-)

  2. We love too, we love too...great to see you. MARVELOUS girl of yours. And the boys are pretty great too.

  3. Sweet picture of miss ivy! I must know, after reading your concert piece, are you a cheese head too? ;)

  4. As in from Wisconsin? No, we're in Indiana. But hubs' dad is from there!



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