August 4, 2011

August FOUR

Rollin with the homies

So, for our upcoming road trip, GM dropped off an Acadia DENALI for me to use all week. I was under the impression that I'd be driving a Chevy Traverse which obvs makes sense for my family and lifestyle, but, well, I can totally roll with this!

Sunny four

I'm having fun feeling like hot stuff (so far that includes in the Wendy's drive thru but hey, I think the guy who took my order was impressed!) It is quite generous of GM giving me a vehicle to use since our Kia Rondo is a bit too tiny and unpredictable for the type of vacation we're going to be taking, and although they didn't ask me to or anything, I wanted to direct you to their awesome campaign honoring real hometown heroes. You can follow them @drivingmidwest on Twitter, read more about it here, and even nominate someone yourself. (And scroll to the bottom right of that link to find one local to you!)

We are at yet another month four. Shocking how grown up they are and how relieved that makes me feel. I honestly never knew my anxiety would lessen as they got bigger, but the letting go isn't so bad afterall...

August FOUR

I've written some things elsewhere that I'd love for you to read this week:

I used to take photos of my kids on the first of every month, now it's on the fourth. Four for four... get it? You can see past month photos here.


      1. I love Ivy's self-imposed bunny ears.

      2. Wow, what a blessing to have such a nice ride for your trip. You have some very happy kids there!

      3. Awesome car!

        And I love how you can tell the kids seem to enjoy these photos, so they always turn out awesome!

        Oh, and completely unrelated, but would it be appropriate to bring large pieces of fabric to hand to people in restaurants who have a problem with breastfeeding? After all, some of their table manners are horrible and I don't really want to watch them eat either! (odd things we've been discussing because G is very pro-breastfeeding and says he's prepared to "educate" anyone who tells me it's gross, lol).

      4. Oh the darlings!!! Oh the darlings... love all their smiley faces!!!

      5. love those big grins. we have a traverse. the dinali is great but you would have loved the traverse. its a pimp mom-mobile!!

      6. How fun! We are flying to TN and driving to NY. I am curious though. How exactly do you plan to fit all six of you PLUS all of your stuff in a smaller SUV??

      7. I just got the Traverse thanks to Connie and we have seven of us heading down to Texas! The kids look so cute in the back of that Denali!

        Love the homebirth link!

      8. Where are you going on vacation?

        Your kids are such a good-looking bunch and Ivy is getting SO OLD. It seems like just yesterday I was reading about her birth.

        Just out of random curiosity: How old were you when you gave birth to each of your kids and what is the age spacing between each of them?


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