July 17, 2011

While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping starts at the :50 mark

Behind the scenes of Listen To Your Mother with Suzi Ryan...
Suzi is a writer and a mom of three small kids. She grew up in a small town and moved to the suburbs to go to school. There she met her husband who grew up in the city and they decided to stay in the burbs to raise their family, as a compromise between their two origins. They now have Adeline 6, Allison 5 and Jackson 2 and a firm belief that when people compromise everyone loses.

Suzi enjoys staying home with the kids (when they actually are home) and occupies herself with reading, gardening and kickboxing when she can sneak away. Their misadventures can be followed on sclb.net

Thoughts from Suzi: When I got an email from a friend about auditioning for LTYM I laughed out loud. No, I don't speak in public, was what went through my head.

Later that day though I was thinking that odds are I won't be cast so I might as well write something and audition, it would make a great day trip. And I'm always chasing after my kids to try new things, why not take my own advice?

When I got the cast list, and I was on it, I nearly fell over. I was wrecked for weeks. How did this happen? Then I started reading my fellow cast members' bios and it only got worse. These people are accomplished, published, employed. Intimidated doesn't cut it.

Then I met them, and I fell in love. They were easy going, fun to talk to and unique. Each person has their very own contribution and I started to feel more at ease with my place among them. I feel blessed to have met and gotten to know this group, to have been a part of this show.

This was an amazing experience and I'm so thankful to Stephanie for her work on this and for believing in me. 

A little background from Steph: I met Suzi at the Listen To Your Mother auditions and was instantly drawn in by her dry delivery and how shy she appears. Suzi was not like the others and I loved it. She is so relatable and FUNNY- her piece had the audience laughing in the it's so funny 'cause it's true way and wondering what was going to happen next. Such a refreshing story of motherhood in the truest form, and a perfect selection for our show. There's an important lesson to learn here, too, mmm hmmm. Let's see what you do the next time your kids go checking up on you...

Every Sunday I'll be featuring a "behind the scenes" of each Listen To Your Mother Valparaiso/NW Indiana piece. You can watch the entire show on the Listen To Your Mother Show YouTube channel here or see each piece listed and linked here and here.

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  1. Suzi's style and delivery was really engaging.
    So funny and relatable.


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