July 10, 2011

Something Fierce

 Carter & Ivy, something fierce
These two

It's Carter's birthday today and we've been celebrating all weekend long, with more festivities to come this evening. We went for a walk in the woods and Ivy ran up from behind the troop and grabbed his hand and he took hers tighter; he is her safe place. It's like their reason for being is to be her brother, and she his sister -you know, Carter was the first of the siblings to meet Ivy just after she was born in my bedroom, the first to claim that love rite? knightly duty?-  evident every single day since as I observe from my mothership, stung eyes and soothed soul.




  1. The love of a brother and a sister is truly amazing isn't it?

    I will never forget when we helped with Seth's Kindergarten field trip to the zoo. When we got there, Seth found Amelia, grabbed her hand and introduced her to all his friends. He kept her with him the whole time.

    Love it.

  2. Lovely!! Wonderful. Must be heart-warming to see that as a mother.

  3. And happy birthday Carter! Incidentally it is also my brother's birthday today. (Or would be...)


  4. Happy Birthday fun!!! Hope you guys are enjoying the summer!!! Send us some!!!

  5. Happy Birthday fun!!! Hope you guys are enjoying the summer!!! Send us some!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to Carter-- and to you for his special "birth" day, Stephanie! Sometimes (ok, who am I kidding-- ALWAYS), I wish I could hit the pause button and just enjoy my littles exactly as they are today. Birthdays especially bring out that sentiment. Hug them close and enjoy the moment!

  7. So special! Ivy's poor little knee...ouch!

  8. The bonds of siblings is always a wonderful thing to see. I see it between my 2 youngest. They do everything together and always stand up for one another.

  9. so very precious! what a gift siblings are to one another. I hope my kids grow to love each other as yours do.


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