July 27, 2011

Small Style: Shoes Like Smelly Pencils Editon

got my new shoes on

Ivy got new shoes. I actually completely forgot I ordered them a while back from The Mini Social. She only has a pair of flip flops that fit her right now, so it was good timing when they arrived the other day! I am not sure if they are supposed to, but they smell like smelly pencils or scratch n' sniff stickers of yesteryear.

small style beauty
This afternoon we sat outside and she helped me "peel" the corn on the cob for dinner. She did a great job, too. Then I caught her sneaking bites of the (uncooked) corn. She is something else. I am really really really looking forward to my just me and her time when school starts for all three boys next month. It's going to be awesome.

On Ivy for this week's small style...  (see the scribbles on the wall?)

new shoes

top- addie & ella via the mini social
bloomers- matilda jane
shoes- cienta via the mini social

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  1. she looks like a cutie and i love the color of her new shoes. hope the smell goes away

  2. Love them. Such a fun summer color. Sneaking bites of uncooked corn, so funny!

  3. so cute!
    i love matilda and jane. they have such cute cloths.

  4. those are definitely some sweet corn cobb peeling shoes.. almost just as golden as all the butter I put on mine (the corn, not the shoes). happy small style day! ;o)

  5. Oh, happy sigh. Between your Ivy photos and SS's Pixie pics each week... I need a girl. Seriously.

  6. I love the yellow shoes! I want to get some for little girl! Cute pics!!!

  7. Lots of people eat uncooked corn and consider the rest of us who prefer it cooked unhealthy. There's a whole school of thought that chooses the raw food diet and yes they are mostly vegan, too. Some people cook corn for 10 - 30 minutes instead of the 3 min. that I do. So she's ok if she likes to eat corn raw. How do you eat cantelope? I often salt and pepper mine but others put sugar on it. Chacon a son gout

  8. Love the happy color of those shoes!

  9. Love her new yellow shoes!
    Nice pictures!
    Have a happy thursday!

  10. That is hilarious that the shoes smell like pencils! They look pretty darn cute. :) And, Ivy has the most beautiful eyes!

  11. Cute shoes - if they smell like the old scratch and sniffs that would make me love them even more. I loved that smell.

  12. Good lord, I want those in my size.


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