July 29, 2011

Roll Call!

 Fair kids 2011

We did the county fair last night with four kids and no stroller and no sling. It actually went ok! The games and ride attendants were super nice, the kids were happy, and no one got lost or sick, and we still came home with money in our pockets. I even bumped into a friend who had just read my post about saying Yes, and I tried to explain how that doesn't mean I always say Yes now but am more mindful of when I say No (as Gray was eating a funnel cake for dinner) (he only took three bites!) (why does that even matter?)

We have another super busy weekend coming up, but I'm glad it's all family togetherness type stuff. So my favorite part of summer. In the meantime... I'm rounding out my first month writing at Strollerderby and I really do love it. I'm ever so thankful when you read, comment, share, retweet etc. I won't lie, it makes me look good. Also, I think the posts are fun and thought provoking, like:

Also, I'm thinking about bringing back the old timey blogroll of yesteryears, but I might change it up a bit. I was inspired by a recent email conversation with sweet Bridget of The Ivey League. Hopefully starting Sunday I will feature five blogs in my top left sidebar that I find through my comments and I'll freshen it up each week. I'm really excited about this.

P.S. I'm always looking for story ideas, input, and news tips- follow me on Twitter or email me anytime!


  1. I'm loving all the posts on Babble! And I'm excited about the new blog roll idea. Thanks!

  2. I LOVE this picture. What a great capture. It was so nice walking around the fair, not worrying about a stroller and being carefree. I loved everything about last night.

  3. It's kind of freeing to be without a stroller, isn't it? Then again, I LIKED having a spot for all of my crap. Now we just have big pockets and wing it.

  4. i adore county (and state) fairs, but in a theoretical way--the fact that they happen in the sweatiest time of the year somehow talks me out of it. your photo is winning me over, though. gorgeous capture.

  5. Awesome photograph... obviously something grabbed the boys' attention, but not that cute little sister!!!! A fab four pic and it is nowhere near the 4th. Nice!!! Thank you!!!

  6. I love saying yes to as much as possible.

  7. i love fairs. i could definitely do with a funnel cake for dinner. but i guarantee you, i would take more than 3 bites of it. ;)

    i am loving all of your posts all over the internet.

    and i am NOT posting just to get on your blogroll ... i try to do it as much as possible anyway. 'cause i adore ya. xoxo

  8. Hey there! I'm blog surfing and had to stop to comment because you just made me so nostalgic for the fair. I found you last year and loved our NWI connection - and now your pictures of your kids brought me back to my summers spent at the good old Porter County Fair :) I was just saying to my mom yesterday that I hope to make a trip back there sometime so my daughter can experience that summer magic. Have a great day!!


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