July 13, 2011

I am a picture taker.

 water balloon

I have followed an invisible rule against posting too many photos. But I am a picture taker. Much like the clicks and snaps I take with my eyelashes and mind. Remember this perfect moment forever.

I was inspired by Keli's post yesterday- the words and photos of course-

::sidenote, a couple weeks ago I thought I was on a conference call with Keli and was all excited to hear @keli_h's voice! and said hi like we are old friends and was embarrassed (yet thrilled!) to find that I was speaking to this Kelle H whom also photo journals amazing thoughts on life. Why were we on a conference call together? More on that later::

- and so then I thought I'd share just what our busybusy calendar-filled days look like around here (or at least what last week looked like), with lots and lots and lots of pictures.

Lake Michigan

We live close to Lake Michigan. We go to there.

 beach bum

Sometimes we plan and pack and can stay awhile,
and oft-times we just go and make do with the time we have, and are just in time for the sunset.


And oh the irony it was that- amidst the chaos of getting everyone ready to go to a parade on the fourth, we almost missed the parade. We did arrive a little late, but at least we showed up. My kids bring their jack-o-lanterns to catch the candy because, well duh.

The Pavillion at Wolf Lake

The Pavillion at Wolf Lake : big band + fireworks = perfect night

Cool Kids

At the Taltree Arboretum, we are now members...

Look up.


My family


It's just water, play in it.

water gardens

water balloons make every summer better

I must remember that in the midst of all this getting ready for life- what if this is the life? We are the parade. We are already ready. We are enough. We just gotta show up.

And if I want to take a picture, I'm going to take a picture.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!! Your pictures are wonderful. You have a great eye for composition and a knack for capturing expressions! I haven't taken pictures of my own in such a long time. I'd better get busy!!

  2. Your shots in the rose garden/kids think it's a splash pad are amazing. I need to dust off my Nikon.

  3. Your pictures are great and I'm sure it doesn't hurt that your kids are super cute.

    I think I'm pretty much a photo blogger. I love taking pictures of my daughter and I'd say that at least 80% of most of my posts are pictures. I really just can't choose between some of them sometimes so I choose to share them all. :)

  4. Loving all those FABULOUS pictures!!!

  5. Love your photographs, especially the "whole family"... I love it!!!

  6. 1. I grew up in Valpo but we rarely went to the lake - is there a beach you recommend?
    2. I was thinking VU Chapel for the background of the photos of Ivy from your earlier post - I don't know Wolf Lake either.

  7. M,

    Just 20 minutes down Rt 49 is the Indiana Dunes State Park! And we were at Wolf Lake in Hammond for the fireworks.


  8. I need to be a better picture-taker. Recommend a good camera for a mama on the go that will produce rather quality crisp images without a whole lot of pops and whistles and of course the inability to really fiddle with too many knobs and dials to get to the perfect setting for that moment that...oh...just slipped away because I was trying to get my camera ready.

  9. I absolutely loved my Canon Powershot- it's a point & shoot and a reasonable price- honestly it took photos that looked like DSLR photos. I ruined mine a couple summers ago at the fair. It involved a huge cup of lemonade. :(

  10. ohhh, i LOVE this!!! take more more more!! and yes ma'am, you are a picture taker ... a doggone good one! :) xo

  11. My name is Nancy and I too am a picture taker. I feel like it is my job to be the historian for the family that I love so much. And I also love taking them, so that helps a lot.

  12. I am a photo taker, too! Thought not as much now that I only have a bulky dslr and no tiny point and shoot. You'd think that wouldn't be the case but it's not always pleasant to lug the camera around! We used to live by the lake. We miss it. I think we'll move back. :)

  13. Take those pictures baby!!! They look great! I'm a picture taker too, and I love knowing that I'm preserving whatever memory with that little snap and click.

    Where by Lake Michigan?? We live in Michigan... though not too close to the Lake. We're moving down to Florida at the end of summer though. Maybe we should conference call!! :)


  14. I'm a picture taker too. Go look at my post today...it was hard to narrow down the photos :)

    Also? My kids Spring Baskets (cause we don't do Easter baskets, except for the neighborhood hunts, then they use them for that too) are also their Halloween baskets ;)

  15. Love this post. We are the parade. We are already ready. Love love love it.

    Cannot wait to see you and get the littles together at the beach!

  16. You're a wonderful photographer, and I'm always impressed with your self-editing ability to show just 1 or 2 pictures per post. As you may know, I have a tendency to photo dump now and then. Can't help it! : )

  17. How nice that you live near a beach! That's a wonderful perk of the city you call home.



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