July 9, 2011

The Drop Off


One of my favorite photos from this week. It's like, where the world ends... or begins?

I'm hoping we find ourselves at the beach again this weekend. Lately it is the only place I can find peace. So we go there.

At the close of yet another arm of summer's July, here are some of my posts I'd love for you to take a peek at:
Love to you and yours xoxo


    1. beautiful pic. what beach do you go to (DM me), just curious. I am so weird about beaches. I'm a freak about the crap that careless people leave in the sand. I totally have to get over this fear....

    2. That view is so wonderful. We went to the Dunes Thursday afternoon/evening and it was so refreshing.

    3. beautiful photo. hope you find yourself there again. i try hard to be in places i can find peace...

    4. Beautiful, perfect photo. Peace is my heart's lifelong wish. Let's all find more of it! :)

    5. I love that picture! I wish I had a big ocean to gaze at daily! No doubt it brings such peace! Instead, I run...when it's 102 outside! :/

    6. Steph, the Anthony case makes me cry. I'm with you. There's no words from me.. I'm sad that the media blew it up.

      On a happier note, did I mention I'm pregnant with #4? :) I'll be needing some advice soon, I'm sure!


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