July 16, 2011

Blogging about blawging


It's like writing in my diary about writing in my diary. But sometimes I can't avoid it, so.

(I can still turn this around to make it relate to my life.)

Blogging and social media has definitely changed motherhood for me. Everyday picture taking, sharing iPhone snapshots and Twitter & Facebook snippets have allowed me to create art and poetry out of the little things I do every day that would otherwise go unnoticed or forgotten with time.

This blows my mind.

I'm in Chicago for the Midwest Moms Media Brands & Bloggers Summit today. I'm actually speaking on the first panel this morning in a few minutes: Building Blogger & Brand Relationships. (This is where I also give a shout out to one of the event's sponsors, Doubletree- they hooked me up with a room on the Mag Mile. Thanks!)

And next weekend I'm speaking at Tech Week in Chicago on Blogging as a Career: Building an Audience and Making A Living.

This brings us to all the working with brands/giveaways I've been doing lately, namely:

iComfort Sleep System bed by Serta giveaway
Blue Sky Home Series giveaway
Hallmark's Life Is A Special Occasion promotion & giveaway

(Often it's feast or famine here and we're in the time of plenty, which is awesome because I love the work and know that soon enough there will be a lull again.) All of the brands I've been working with have had some sort of personal connection for me- I am always glad to help a friend out especially if I believe in what their client represents, and I am also over the moon to partner up with other certain brands because basically, they are dreamy.

Speaking of which, sometimes things happen behind the scenes with brands that never get the recognition they deserve online (ahem good and bad) but I know a lovely tale to share about two companies that I've had the pleasure of working with over the years- Sakura Bloom and Graco- they both stepped in during another blogger's time of need recently and my heart is still warm and fuzzy over it. Thank you.

And, my blogging as a career (other than here at my personal blog) over at Strollerderby:

I Don't Vaccinate My Kids and It's None of Your Business
How About This Push Present? Thanks For Having My Baby, Now Go To Fitness Camp!
Why I Broke Up With My OB and Chose To Birth At Home
Should a Six-Year-Old Be Made to Testify in a Parent's Murder Case?
Big Baby Born in Texas. How big were your babies?

At NWIparent Magazine, The Pianos Are Back!

Lastly, a couple other mentions:

The Digital Moms Handbook is available for pre-order with a special offer and I just so happen to be in this book.

I've enjoyed working with Gilt this summer- Click here to get $10 off when you spend $50 or more on Gilt Children. Offer expires July 18. They are also continuing to offer great giveaways and love to hear your summer tips here.

Ok, so that was a lot. As always, no matter if you can make it to a blog conference or not, I am always happy to answer questions here in the comments or via email. Seriously, any time. I'm much better talking about blogging outside of my actual blog (and actually enjoy it) so I don't mind at all.


  1. I'm glad you are having fun. Jeff's tweet this morning about you being there was so sweet. I don't exactly know why it showed up on my page, but I'm glad it did. I ordered the Digital Mom Handbook and can't wait to read it. I had no idea you were in it. That is very cool. Enjoy the rest of the conference.

  2. Bekah and her Les Miserable friends will be in Valpo on Monday performing songs from Les Mis at the pianos! Maybe I'll see you there :)

  3. I really want to get to a conference...I'm intrigued and need lots of direction. You are so fun to read Stephanie...and I like the giveaways. I linked to you about all the goodies you get & give away vs. hey..I got a free box of Kashi crackers in the mail yesterday! (www.customerservicewanted.blogspot.com) Hope you chuckle.

    Speak Well!

  4. I wish I could get to TechWeek-next year perhaps.

  5. Loved watching all the tweets at the BBSummit11. I had to cancel earlier this month and it tore me up that I would have to miss it. Looking forward to going back through your links to read some after kids go to bed. Sounds like blogging has really helped you key in on special moments of your life. In a way a blog is such a great diary for your kids to look back on later in life.

  6. girl, you just rock. and you're doing it still on the blogger platform!! so many people say you HAVE to switch to wordpress... ugh. would love to hear/see more about how you've built those connections...do you reach out to the companies or do they reach out to you? there are certain companies i've done reviews/giveaways with and i've ended up LOVING them and would like to work them them more, but not sure how.

    anyway, you're rockin' girl. keep it up!

  7. It goes both ways- if you've already got the connection and contacts, GO for it. You can totally pitch brands but just be sure to know yourself and your plans before making the move. Just be ready to sell yourself to them and make it look like the best package! Or, if you don't know WHAT you want to do with them but you just know you want to work with them, let them know. Ask how you might be able partner or work together. Best thing to do is start the conversation. Be honest and open- everyone loves that.

    If there's someone you want to work with but don't know how to reach them, ask another blogger (like me) - I will gladly help any way I can!


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