June 30, 2011

Small Style: Johnny Cash

We're approaching that point in time where Ivy is like, no more pictures! and so I have to capture her from afar. I'm not concerned, because she's also known to bring me my camera or phone and demand I take a picture of my pretty dress.

Posting these photos from our friend's bbq last weekend just reminded me that I removed that dress after she soaked the front with red kool-aid and I have left it in the back of the car all this time. Oops. I better go get that in the wash.

this week's small style...

Leaning on a tree

repurposed dress: kaos, purchased at psychobaby (my favorite part might be the ric rac. I love ric rac.)
skirt: misha lulu
shoes: wee squeak (but I remove the squeakers for the sanity of others and my own)

[linking up as always with small style at mama loves papa.]  

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  1. very cute love the red shoes too!

  2. I love ric rac too, in fact it might be close to an obsession. I try to sew it on all my little dresses I make for Adeline.
    This dress is too cute for words. LOVE IT!

  3. Ivy IS cute! And so is that dress! Its funny how kids react to photo taking. Whenever I try to take video of Stella, she demands that I show her the screen so she can see herself. She is in love with her own image!

  4. Great photos! I like the ones from afar! :)

    I LOOOVE that repurposed dress! I need to buy some for Finley or maybe, if I'm feeling brave, attempt it on my own. And, I totally agree, I always remove the squeakers! ha!

  5. great outfit! Lily gets tired of pictures also.

  6. I love the dress and shoes!! Cutest outfit!!!

  7. I have a soft spot in my heart for ric rac too. It's so cute. As is your Ivy girl. :)

  8. I didn't even see your camera! I forgot to get mine out early in the day and only have dusk photos!!

  9. audrey doesn't like her picture all the time either, but then sometimes she jumps in it when i try to snap just naomi. :)

    sweet outfit!

  10. I just adore her little red shoes!!

  11. Love the dress and shoes(minus the sqweak!)

  12. Big Johnny Cash fans here! I'd wear that dress :)
    Love those adorable little red shoes too!

  13. I didn't know you could remove those squeakers! I'll think twice when I see a super cute pair pop up on Zulily ;)

  14. So sweet! I love that balloon fabric - it is really whimsey in a dress!
    Also, the Tea Sale is a good one! While I'm here in teh States, I'm stocking up on some items for Fall and totally took advantage of that extra 20%! Thanks for the heads up!


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