June 29, 2011

The name of the day

lightning bug or firefly?

We write the name of the day on the chalkboard every morning because it's pretty

I'll know
what day it is.

They sizzle and fizzle by. At night we catch fireflies - songs have taught my children to know them by that name but I will always call them lighting bugs. Better than Gray's version of glow butts.

I show them how to capture soft and gentle in their hands, I poke generous holes in loose foil lids with a pencil. When we are asleep they fly back home to their families. We must be very careful with their wings.

Last night we went out for ice cream and they wanted double scoops and I said why not. I had two, too. And I didn't regret it.


  1. Summer = 2 generous scoops. Good for you!


  2. I love Gray, marching right out of the fireflies/lightening bugs debate to blaze his own trail. I fall in the lightening bugs camp, but much prefer fireflies as well.

    And 2 scoops, congrats.

  3. I have always known them as lightning bugs but Em calls them fireflies (and this summer is her first experience with them!). so the other day I just told Rich that I'm totally willing to change what I call them for her :)

  4. capturing soft and gentle, writing down the days, be careful with their wings... really deep thoughts, indeed, my friend.

    love this.

  5. I'm actually in tears from laughter....Glow Butts!! I'm laughing out loud as I type this!

    That is great. This is great. :)

  6. Glad you splurged. You deserve it. :)

  7. Only Gray! Glow Butts is cracking me up. Glad you enjoyed your ice cream party with no regrets!

  8. ugh, and this is why I love summer. One of the many reasons...

  9. Glow butts!! Love it!!!

    I grew up in Missouri and I remember chasing lightning bugs, too. I miss them! So fun.

  10. "They sizzle and fizzle by." <---love that

  11. BEAUTIFUL pic. I do miss lightning bugs (as we also called them growing up in Missouri.) We spent so many summer evening hours catching those things, without a care in the world. I'm sure your kiddos will have fond memories of those evenings together.

  12. glow butts is the best.name.ever.

    but we call them lightning bugs :)

  13. What a beautiful post, I have never seen a firefly, I dont know if we have them here in Melb, but they sound beautiful.
    Rhiannon x

  14. I had never seen a firefly until I moved to Nashville 16 years ago. They are one of my favorite things about summer. All of the native southerners around here call them lighteningn bugs, but I prefer firefly.

  15. This is my first time stopping by, and your post about your son in his Aunt Lisa pants cracked me up! My son is 4 and will only wear sweat pants and long sleeve shirts. did I mention we live in Texas? and it's like a bajillion degrees outside???

  16. I miss seeing "lightning bugs". It is too dry for them in Colorado.

  17. We have had several nights of building tents in the house, camping out in them, and letting the lightning bugs fascinate as the children drift off to sleep.

    PS- I will just pretend I ate the two scoops and live my ice cream dreams through you. :)

  18. Oh, I miss lightning bugs! Where I grew up in the Hobart area just a "hop, skip and a jump" away from where you are, we loved catching them or just watching where the next little light would appear in the air. Since permanently moving here in southern Florida, I've seen lightning bugs only twice. Guess they don't like our weather. Or whatever there is to eat. Enjoy the glow butts!

  19. i grew up with lightening bugs, but somehow call them fireflies now. maybe you're right--it's the songs.

    we had double scoops in waffle cones last night. it was great, but i'm seriously looking forward to some key lime pie from pat's! the pianos are coming back next week. =)

  20. That is a great photo! I think that could probably win a contest :)

  21. lady, i love your style.

    (and the songs do change our tongues! do you know the one by rhett miller? it's a goodie.)


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