June 6, 2011

I am a balloon man. Here are my balloons.

These are the things that got me out of bed today.

  • My Listen To Your Mother show videos are online now. You can watch them or listen to them while you do other stuff. I would love for you to watch them in order, but seriously, even if it takes you watching one per day, or week, I ask that you just watch. You'll see. 
  • I have been doing yoga and/or pilates every day, and it's something that I am finding I count on getting me through many moment by moments. I didn't want to mention it, really, because of the annoying sense of accountability thing and I'm sure some people are wondering about how the whole barefoot running thing is going (or not). I liked running only when I was running. The moments to get me to run? Weren't happening. I don't want to run on the treadmill, I just want to run outside, without children. That leaves an even smaller window of time, then add in constant snow/rain and tornadoes/ or HEATWAVE and forget it. It's just not my thing and you know what? No big whoop. So I tried something and it didn't last. Like that's never happened before?
  • Sushi. I'm new to it, I'm not a fan of cooked fish so to eat it raw is weird for me, but I do know I like sushi and wish that I was going to be eating it today. I'd be remiss if I didn't confess that I have already thought about how I could make it happen so that I could have sushi for breakfast today.

There are many other things that got me out of bed today, of course, many givens that I just don't need to write out. Like my kids and other stuff. But the kids part is mainly because someone's got to take care of them. Otherwise I would be absolutely tempted to not get out of this bed for the rest of the day. (Oh yeah, I'm still in bed, btw, writing this, full transparency, hoping these balloons will lift me out of here.)


  1. I'm so excited that Listen to Your Mother is posted! I've been looking forward to this:-). I plan on watching while folding laundry tonight!

  2. Oh sister of my soul, I love you so much. Let's go get sushi, shall we?

  3. I have been toying with putting out on my blog a little public goal or proposition to get fit together because without accountability, I do not exercise AT ALL. And I am still hanging on to an extra 15lbs above my standard adult non-pregnant weight. And none of my clothes fit. Hubby loves 5 Fingers but I'm not so much a runner... *sigh* It's so much easier to just stay in bed, isn't it? Kind of want to crawl back in...

  4. Taltree starts yoga in the gazebo this Saturday. We should go. We should also go get sushi, because my heart and stomach are a little sad to have missed sushi dining.

  5. Oh goodness. Sushi makes me happier than most things.

  6. You're right! Getting ready to run or any exercise is the most difficult part. Sooooo you prepare for it ahead of time. If you run first thing in the morning, have your running/exercise clothes right beside the bed. Then when you wake up, get dressed, even with your eyes still closed. If you need more incentive take Noah or Carter with you. They will keep you exercising. I exercise at the Y and have my bag ready with my towel, etc. and my clothes that I will wear to the Y picked out and ready. So the "getting ready" to exercise part is almost done while you are not going to exercise until the next day. By the way, I have to wash my swimsuits so they will be ready on Wed.

  7. I easily could have written this post. Although I am out of bed, it's largely because I spent most of last week in bed, no balloons in sight.

    Yes on the exercise. Yes yes yes. I have a brand new bike that is taunting me.

  8. I am loving LTYM--I couldn't wait until they were posted! I listened through Lovelyn's and will finish them tonight (when no one is around to see me bawl!)

    Running is totally my thing, but I can relate to "getting me to run." Because it's not so easy. Also, I'm not a morning person, but I've been waking up at 5:45 to run 4 days a week. It doesn't hurt that I joined Team in Training, either. Nothing like a little fundraising motivation to kick my tail in gear!

    Now I must go get some sushi before the day ends!

    Hope your balloons carried you far today!

  9. My daughter - the child who refuses to eat mashed potatoes - loves octopus sushi. As in, can't get enough of it.

    There really is something about that rice, I think.

  10. I need to do yoga again. I need some Zen in my life...

  11. I truly wish I could get over that sushi hump, but yeah, not so much. So bravo to you. Wasn't the first time you tried it at that restaurant at Opryland last year?

    I'm with you on the running. Tried it. Hate it. Moving on.

    Seriously excited to start watching your LTYM show. Wished I could have been there in person so this is definitely the next best thing.


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