June 1, 2011

I also love a good sneeze

 beach run

Carter's latest great idea was that people might like it if he sold S'mores at the beach instead of the lemonade stand he's been planning.

It's almost always a guarantee that I'll like song number 9 or 10 on any album I listen to.

old timey four

Not only are we often running late for every where we need to go, but we also leave the house looking like someone ransacked the place. Every time. Most days I put it all back together when we get home.

Whenever it's time to leave, Grayson can never find his shoes, hat, and two rubber snakes. Related: see above.


I know a girl who will drink all of my drink and then remove the cap and straw so that she can try to get more out of it, ice falling all over her face and down her dress and yet, she doesn't even care. Her name is Ivy. She has an admirable outlook on life and giving it your all.


  1. Oh, I wanted to be there with you guys so much! If I wasn't sitting in the dentist chair, I would have. Can we repeat it tonight? I love the pictures. Carter's business wheels are always turning...love it!

  2. i really like this post, because it is a lot of times how my brain thinks--goes from one thing to another, but all makes sense in my head. :) gorgeous beach pictures!

    p.s. we say Pirates 4 at the drive-in. the experience was fun, but the movie was difficult to understand. i don't speak pirate very well. ;)

  3. I swear we live parallel lives.

  4. LOVE the lighting in that last shot. And your sweet, random tid-bits. :)

  5. Love this!
    I love song number 6 and 7 on almost every album!
    We always leave the house a wreck when we are trying to get somewhere and it is always because the boys can't find their shoes......they never look real hard though!
    SO funny!

  6. That last photo is stikingly gorgeous.

  7. Oh! I'm sooo glad to hear your house looks ransacked when you leave. Because mine does too. And sometimes I wonder if we get in a crash or something and people have to get inside our house for something before we come back, are they going to look around and think, "Ahh, that's what happened to them?"


    I think s'mores on the beach sounds like an awesome idea!

  8. gorgeous photos steph. especially the middle one.

  9. I sneezed RIGHT as I opened your page...not even kidding.

    These pictures are so freaking great.

  10. 'Ransacked' is pretty much what my house looks like ALL the time :) Love the group shot of your kids -- beautiful!

  11. Great post. Great pictures.

    Is there a beach near where you live?



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