June 26, 2011

Hola is Spanish for hugs


My Mommal said to me, how in the world did you get him out of long pants? We had come over for a visit and Gray was wearing SHORTS and a SHORT sleeved shirt! You know Gray, the one with the too shirty shirts and the Aunt Lisa pants. Yes, it was a miracle.

I took a gamble and bought him those shorts, having examined the waistband online and approving their like-Aunt-Lisa-pants-ness, hoping he would at least try them on. He did and he decided they were awesome, so I ordered two more pair just like them, in green and brown. We are set for drama-free dressing for the rest of the summer!

Also, someone asked him what his shirt said and he said "Hola! It means hugs."


I purchase pretty much every single thing Gray wears from Tea Collection. I buy up all their tag-free shirts (hint hint, totally wish they made more that way!) and now I've bought up all the shorts. [I always order through my affiliate link, and starting today through Wednesday night if you shop using code: TSALE20 you can get an additional 20% off sale prices, and shipping is free for all orders over $50. Just thought you'd like to know.]


  1. Oh, I'm so glad to hear my kids are "normal"! Or at least there's one other person out there fighting the clothes battle, too. My eldest used to only wear "soft pants" (jeans and chinos are "hard", you know). And the tags, too; all tags had to be cut off. Now it's shorts in the winter and jeans in the summer. My youngest is the recycler: he insists on wearing his clothes to bed (he's anti-pajamas) and insists on wearing the same thing day after day (evidence on instagram). I must confess, I try to pick my battles and "clothes wars" are usually not on the list.

  2. Darn! Too bad it probably doesn't apply to past orders.

    Adelaide is my only one that FREAKS out about tags. I think it's because they started the no-tag around when she was born so most of her stuff was tagless. The few things passed down to her w/ tags she REALLY notices.

  3. JJ is very picky about clothes. And since he is so skinny, finding pants and shorts that don't fall off is a trick. Even elastic waist shorts from Old Navy, that had a pretend drawsting fell off of him. I hate pretend drawstrings. But, he has been LOVING some cheap shorts from Target. They are 8 bucks a pair (once found them for 4) and they don't look cheap. But they are light and have elastic waists cargo and pockets. And we have one in every color.

  4. I love Grays new look! He is growing up.

  5. He looks so big now!
    What a handsome boy.

    Hola is for handsome!

  6. i've never seen his legs!!! i mean, besides the ankle from the too-short pants, hee-hee. i love it!!

    ken took emma out for some errands yesterday, and she wore pink/white leggings [not pants] and a too-short shirt that didn't match at all. they got home, and i was like, "you let her go out in that!?!?" and he said, "honey. she's a kid."

    yes, yes she is. i'm trying!! ;)

  7. Oh man, the "too shirtty" post cracked me up.

  8. I love tea as well. The girls play dresses are awesome too, especially when they go on sale.

  9. Very cute! Love it. Thank you for the link and discount code too.

    We hear hola here a lot in southern Florida, and sometimes it does mean hugs. :)

  10. awesome all around.

    and your little offer is very tempting....might have to take advantage of it.

  11. My four year old does not like [up pants]; he only wants [down pants]. He usually does not wear clothes at home, only [unner-wear].
    And must have matching pajamas for bedtime.

    My two year old? Could care less. He will wear whatever I put on him.

  12. So glad you found some new clothes that he likes. I have had similar issues with Evan but not to Gray's extreme.


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